Does Jupiter in 8th Scorpio for female only attract bad men?


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Since 18 ive only seemed to attract strange guys or men who only want sex. Ive never met a guy that genuinely liked me and wanted love.... I've been told my chart indicates I could meet a husband through online services.. I laughed because I literally have never considered online dating but I got curious and figured I'd have nothing to lose. So I made a profile and got 100's of likes but didn't connect with anyone until I met this guy, we connected and messaged each other for a while. Then he stopped messaging me. I deleted my account and felt this wouldn't work. I opened my account a week later and got a message from the same guy! I was surprised he was still interested, he ended up giving me his real number so we could talk off the app. -- long story short, we talked for days, later he asked to meet me in person. We did meet, we talked more and hung out but in the end he tried to get physical. I refused. He said it was fine but stopped texting and calling me for 2 weeks. Now 2 days ago he started texting me again and wanting to meet up again.. he's confusing me, I don't know if this is the right guy or if he's just bored and is looking for sex ( He's a marine stationed on base) so I've been cautious maybe he's just bored.

... not even sure if Jupiter is in 8th
Jupiter is in 10th WHOLE SIGN HOUSE :smile:



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Look at your lilith in venus ruled taurus being opposed to jupiter in scorp in the 8th. the opposition is pretty tight.
Venus opposite neptune in the 12th, is the rest of the story.

As for this guy, he is probably just err.. h*rny. lol. I had a friend that met someone like that through an online site- he was in the navy, only came around when he was feeling bored i.e. hot to trot; turned out he was also married!

Venus opposite uranus is indeed good for online dating, but I think though when uranus is in the 12th, there may be secrets involved. Just be careful, and use good judgement sifting through potential hopefuls.


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With a square between the Sun and Saturn in your chart you are going to have difficulties finding a husband. An opposition between significators would make it impossible. With the Sun in the 5th whole sign house it is most likely that the marine just wants sex and then begone with you. Natives ruled by Saturn often marry later in life. That Mercury/Moon conjunction trine Saturn must be the indication for using the internet to find someone. It may work for you yet.


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I've always thought Chiron in 7th has more of a negative effect on relationships rather than Lilith in Venus

My analysis, is based on what you mentioned of attracting strange men or men only interested in sex and on the thread topic of jupiter, i wasn't looking at relationships per se in the chart.
And lilith in taurus with an opposition to the 8th house and a planet in scorpio is IMO relevant in what you are interested in. I'll leave it there.
I realize your mars conjuncts my sun. youch. :joyful:

best to you.
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I agree with ashriia, a military individual looking for a good time. I would add that your sun is in Gemini but located in the 4th. You also have mercury(sun sign ruler) in 5th conjunct moon. This indicates that you express yourself in a emotional and sensitive way which is detected by predator people looking for vulnerability. Even mars located in 3rd(Gemini house square Asc)you could unconsciously project sexual propensity. With Aquarius Asc and ruler uranus in 12th opposition venus I would say that this has a way of pulling out the weirdos especially with the connection to Neptune(in its own house I might add). If you noticed their contact with you stopped suddenly then you "disappeared" by closing your acct. As suddenly as it ended you started back and they magically reappeared.
So, I would say your Venus in opposition to Uranus and Neptune are the problem and confusion not Jupiter. If anything Jupiter in 8th usually indicates an inheritance or to benefit through the resources of others.
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Since 18 ive only seemed to attract strange guys or men who only want sex. Ive never met a guy that genuinely liked me and wanted love.

Hi lisahearts,

The Moon's first applying aspect describes the partners you seek. Your Moon is in a sextile to an an out of sect Taurus Mars. Hopefully, you'll come to terms and learn how to deal with it.


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Yes, but it is due to Jupiter being Rx (retrograde) in the 8th. The retrograde in Scorpio is providing the magic and seductiveness to you, winding back, a sense of revealing...

So, question is, how do we solve this... well, what kind of man do you want to attract? have you got an idea? a clear picture in your mind? if not, try to visualize the man you want for a while, and then act accordingly. Which means: ask yourself what kind of partner he wants? act on that, and wait for him to come into your life.

However no matter how much we like to run from fated events, if it's destined to happen -and even if you lock yourself away and hide in a room- the Universe will literally bang on the door and bring a person into your life whether you want it or not. And not even because of you, but because that person needed to learn a lesson through you.

So do what feels good, and have no regrets about it.

I wish you good luck.