does he love me?


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There's this guy in my friend's life who's been behind her for quite some time now. She wants to know if he's faking it or his love interest in her is sincere.

Her : 1st house : significators' moon & venus?
His : 7th house : signifcators' saturn.

she's very much interested in him = moon in saturn's sign & house.
He's in the 4th....

ummm....that's all i know.....does the square indicate that he loves her?....or something will develop between them?


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The connection is there as you pointed out; the square.

She definitely loves him as the Moon has gone over to his house, the 7th. However, the Moon is detrimented there and, although there is a connection between the Moon and Saturn, there is no reception, except on her part.

What I would like to have seen is a mutual reception, where both planets receive each other in the other's dignities. Here we only see the Moon in Saturn's dignity (rulership).

The square is out of good houses, the 1st and the 4th, and this can occationally perfect the matter with great difficulty and, usually only when both significators are strong. Here only Saturn is strong.

Since she is specifically asking if the other loves her, I would have to say, there is some feeling there but, with Saturn, it would have to do with security or status, moreso than love. I would not say he is "in love" with her but may love her as best he can as a Saturnine person. It is a difficult connection however, and I don't think she would exactly be fulfilled by it.




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I love this guy, and he is 2 younger than me, and he is a Taurus, Year of the Rat, and Im the Gemini, Year of The Dog. His life path number is 8, and my life path number is 5...

Do you think this relationship will work out??

Ive noticed that at times we do get along, and sometimes we dont...