Does he like me?


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Getting to know a mutual friend of ours and he's really nice and I am starting to like him. :sideways: He seems to always be around me and my friends lately and say yes to attend any events that I am going to. I am not sure if it's a mere coincidence or if he like me too. We seem to get along really well and have lots of laughs and have fun.

A friend of mine casually mentioned that he might like her, which made me think that I might just be getting my hopes too high and it could be her that she really likes. Which got me thinking that I should cast a chart asking if he likes me (and if it's my friend whom he likes, I am sure it will show up too)

No aspects and weak receptions? Not sure if Moon(which is coincidentally significator of friend-s) is translating light or in the way. Also both L1 and L11 is in the seventh really don't know how to read this chart and what it might say

If someone could help me interpret, it will be really helpful in helping me :)


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Well looks like you and your friend both are interested in him, more than he is interested in you both..

Venus (you)and Moon (friend) are in 7th, so that's your interest in him. both of you eyeing him...:love:. Mars entered Capricorn where reception towards both Venus and Moon is there but fairly weak. Now on the other hand Sun, symbolising him as a man, is exalting Venus, you. So he is attracted, physical attraction towards you. There is no interest towards Moon, the friend....

So tell you friend to back off...:smile:


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Thank you for helping me interpret the chart Rafaella!

I got two minor updates:

When my friend mentioned that she thinks he likes her, she also mentioned that he wouldn't mind dating him, so she might also be harboring a secret crush too as the chart shows!

Last night we were all invited to two social events and my friend said she would go to both but I was only going to one, and he only replied after I had responded he would go to the same one - not sure again if it's a mere coincidence. But shall keep my fingers crossed:love:

If there's any more developments, I will definitely come back and update this chart :sideways:


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No romantic development but the guy I asked about and I have become really good friends and we hang out most weekend so he does 'like' me even if it might not romantically. :smile:

The other friend pretty much disappeared from our lives and we only see her once every couple of months at group gatherings.


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Your venus, your friends mercury, he's mars and you and your friend are in his sign/aries, so he does like you, but he liked your friend more. The reason being is your friend mercury stays in aries longer than venus as mercury goes retrograde, you will have already moved into taurus in mars detriment when mercury is still in aries.

Its only when venus moves into leo, that venus/mars meet back up again by opposition. Leo being the 11th house, would be as you you say "friends only".


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Actually should have added I did ask him since we are closer and he told me that he isn't comfortable around her as he found her 'rude and intimidating' and was confused and surprised when I told him she thought he liked her..