Does he like me as well?


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Hey all, I've been struggling with my own feelings for this new guy in my life. Does he like me as well? Even if its purely attraction? I've been heavy crushing on him and it makes me nervous. I'd like any and all input that you guys have.

I think we have potential, I'm going to attach our synastry as well.


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You are Retrograde Mercury in Pisces he is Jupiter in Taurus. Mercury is going backwards escaping Combustion from the Sun. Mercury will aspect Jupiter by Sextile in a few weeks or a month. Jupiter Receives Pisces by Rulership.

The Moon just passed over his Signifcator Jupiter about a few days ago and you received by Exaltation.

So what we get here, is that yes he does like you, but it's superficial right now, you haven't spent enough time together to really know if it could be concrete. So the beginning stages really

The Sun and Mercury combination tells me you're already taken yes? So you're thinking things through right now

I also did a Tarot reading for you and got the following:

The Sun + 5 of Swords + King of Cups

Yes he does like you, you both brighten each others day just being together, but the other two cards tell me there's a third person involved. The King of Cups is about mature feelings, so that tells me you don't want to hurt anyone feelings right now, and might even sacrifice for it

Wow! You pretty much hit the nail right on the head. We've only actually been in person together once and I am currently in a relationship. I do want to move out of my current one, but I'm finding it difficult because like you said, I don't want to hurt anyone.