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Hey, I need some input from horary experts. This guy that I was once involved with has come back into my life. I've done several charts off and on over the past 7 months. Based on each of the charts I kept thinking he wouldn't come back, but he keeps ending up on my door step unexpected. Recently, he has been a regular visitor for the past month or so. We live in different towns, but he has never invited me to his house ect. Guess, I makes me think he is hiding something from me.
Well...gads I end up as Saturn in the 8th h. He is the sun and in the 7th house.
Sun conj. merc. and merc rules his 11th & 9th h. 11th is friends and assoc., but then merc is usually younger people, messengers, siblings ect..

Next, the moon is in his 12th with venus the co-ruler for me. Something hidden, he maybe doesn't want other people to know he is seeing me.

I guess, the sun does eventually catch up to Saturn. Gads...never thought I would be Saturn...what a drag..chuckle.
Any input would be helpful.


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I would need to see his chart and yours but not together. Even if I can just see his that will do. I am not a fan of the date event, it doesn't get to the heart of things. He could have a wack mars, or gross saturn. It could even be a secret relationship sync between the charts.


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This is a horary chart. I don't have his info. to do a synp. chart.

In a horary the co-ruler for me would be venus and mars for him. Allot of times it is difficult to delineate your own chart, that's why i decided to post it to get some additional input.


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