Does anyone have Neptune conjunct IC- How was your childhood??


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Well growing up I was raised to be the golden child. Good grades, went to church, was the perfect child. But when I grew up i started to detach myself from everyone and everything. During that process, I discovered my true self. But it wasn't the person people wanted me to be. At first, I felt like a failure. Like I let everyone down. Then I realized that the life of normalcy has it's limits. I still question myself saying "how come everyone's idea of success is the same? Go to college, get a normal job, have kids, get married. And why is everyone so comfortable with things remaining the same? Who's going to step out and be different? And instead of waiting (because by that time i knew who i should really trust) I decided to do it myself. I realized that the more society grips on stability, the more our foundation of life crumbles. Perhaps because our foundation of life is not stability at all, but the free will to take any path? Why are we suppressing our souls to the extent where we can't embrace that?


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I have Neptune at 7° Capricorn and IC at 10° Capricorn. My Neptune also connects to almost every other planet or significant point in my chart, either by longitudinal aspect or declination.

My childhood was certainly Neptunian, but mostly in good ways. It was an unusual childhood, but I wouldn't call it confusing. I guess it's possible that I only remember the good things, or am seeing things through rose-colored lenses, but fact is that I can remember very few negatives about my childhood home.

My mother is an artist and I grew up surrounded by art, music and books. I was encouraged to use my creativity and imagination in all things. I was definitely one of those kids who was off in daydreams more than I interacted with the real world. I spent many hours every day reading. Fittingly my favorite genre was fantasy, but I would read anything. My father, a carpenter, was the sole provider and as such was a more distant presence, but he was always solid and dependable. Not very outwardly affectionate, unlike my mother, but still caring. My parents are in a way like polar opposites, one very Neptunian one more Saturnian, one voice of inspiration and one voice of reason. My mother was a force of change and flights of fancy, while my father was one of continuity and stability. A river and a rock. They don't really speak the same language or see things the same way, but they completed each other rather well and could achieve things together that were greater than either could have created alone. They aren't perfect people, but both are kind and rather selfless. More so than I will ever be, but I try to follow their example.

Later on in my teens my mother developed mental health issues and in my early adulthood also an addiction to alcohol. So there were times in my teens where my mother was absent as a result of her mental illness. All of that was certainly painful to deal with when it was happening, but I feel like I had a strong foundation already and enough belief in myself to carry me through it. My parents are now divorced (amicably). I still have very close relationships with both my parents, though now more like deep friendships than parental relationships. Personally I've never had any issues related to mental health or alcohol dependency. I'm still rather addicted to the escape that books provide, but I turned that passion for reading into a profession when I became a librarian.
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I have Neptune square my scorpio ic (I also have Pluto in 4th :pinched:) My ascendent is also square my Leo ascendent. I also have my moon square my mars. Along with a 12th house stellium. I could go on about the amount the many aspects in my chart that relate to shitty familial experiences, but I won't.

My mother is very controlling, she is the house "bread-winner" everyone in my family loves her but she is super narcissistic and verbally abusive. She is very similar to her mother (my grandmother) who shows strong signs of BPD, she also is very aggressive towards my grandfather due to his multiple affairs (they happened 40 years ago and he hasn't been forgiven). Most of the women from my mothers side are also addicted to alcohol. The women in my family (moms side) are they empowered but in the wrong way. They control their husbands and it is super toxic.

My mother and my father are still married and I am still around my father but he's not emotionally there, my mother has degraded him into depression and alcoholism. He also lost his sister and mother while he was young, my grandmother was very depressed due to her narc husband (my grandfather had many affairs) and was very "lazy" (my mother says in her fits) To say my father is physically there is true but emotionally he's super far away...dead even. It is interesting to note that he has a 12th house sun and Leo rising (I do too) and my mom has a Leo moon and gemini rising while I have a Leo sun/rising and gemini moon.

I am currently 18 and I am still learning about astrology but this aspect has been incredibly influential on my life. Even whilst I am still in "childhood"


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I don't have Neptune conjunct IC, I have a Pluto in my 4th and equally describe a person in a not-so-stable, kinda dysfunctional and a drama-trauma childhood. The two farthest planets (one is the farthest outer, the other was reclassified a dwarf, and they tend to shift orbital locations, every 20 years in cycles like 1979-99, 2000-20 and 2021-, Neptune is the farthest, other times it's Pluto). My childhood, parents and family had the 8 "Ds": divorce, disease, disability, debt, disastrous financial loss, depression, drug and alcohol abuse and death prematurely. I'm an Aquarius sun/moon in 8th and a Cancer ascendant or a 1st house ruler on my 8th, to form a triad or trine on my natal chart. And being born in 1980, Pluto's "darkness" strengthened to 2000 then weakened to 2020 when being in the 4th signified the home, relations with mother and personal life (I developed anxiety disorder to clash with my childhood autism diagnosis).


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I want to add my Mom passed away last April (on Easter, 3 weeks would been her 70th birthday) and going to see my Dad and half-sister (his daughter) in their birthdays around Christmas and then to embrace the new year 2022. The Pluto conjunct IC seems to reveal what Neptune conjunct IC shows: Domestic violence. And another "D": Dysfunction in a sense you are a close-knit family, however there's so many problems going on, a decline in quality of life, and in 2000 (January to be exact), my bro and his ex-GF were 18 when they had a baby (my nephew) to have estrangement with his mother, while my half-sis was estranged from her father, and my own Mom is against the thought of family alienation, she reminded my half-sis/her stepdaughter and her grandson not to hold past grudges or grievances: there are justified reasons, then my Mom was raised a Christian/Protestant/Baptist to hold the 5th commandment: respect your parents, relatives and the family (one of the 3 things to be loyal to: God, Family and Country), she definitely viewed the B&W PSA films at 1950s public school to encouraged religious morality or ethics, affection to your kin(ship) and nationalistic patriotism. I personally have issues with the "never talk about nor criticize or revolt against" God, family and country, and growing up in the late 20th century, a family to have money was seen a virtue of fortune and luck. Today in this millennia, the high emphasis of families have a culture, esp. belonging to any racial, ethnic, national, religious, sectarian and denominational community.
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