Does anyone else hate having Mars in Pisces?


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NBA Champions LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Dwayne Wade, they had mars in Pisces. Current NBA superb rookie, EURO League Champions, the youngest ever MVP; Luka Doncic, he has mars in Pisces too.
I see Mars in Pisces as a "flow Mars" -- in that the Martian energy is released when the individual finds something that he/she can lose themselves in. Basketball is naturally a flowing game so the Pisces Mars placements don't surprise me there. I wouldn't be surprised if some Soccer stars had it as well, since it's also a "flowing" sport.

I see athletes with this placement as those who need to feel the game/energy around them before using their Martian energy.

I have Mars in the 12th (conjunct Sun) so it's kind of similar. If I'm not doing things that I can lose myself in (music, sports etc), the energy is hard to access, and difficult to direct. But when I do, I usually surprise myself and others by the focus/effort I put in.


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I've long heard how there are Mars in detriment like Libra or Taurus. But those of you who have Mars in Pisces don't you think that its worse off to have Mars in Pisces. Sometimes, there's a feeling of absolute powerlessness or frustration. Even when focused it feels like the juice runs out no matter how hard you try something says give up and when you do try it feels like youre going uphill and rapidly falling down. I've noticed that lists of greatest musicians or actors or some artists or writers might have it. But what about presidents or film directors. I've seen several top ten lists of film directors and none of them are Mars in Pisces placement. Also, no U.S. President has ever had Mars in Pisces. Not that I'm saying anything about being President, I'm just saying is all. Its a miserable position and I truly hate it, but I'm stuck with it and that's that. If you have Mars in Pisces also and hate to have it in that postition as well feel free to post.

I agree with you and feel for you! I'm really glad that I don't have Mars in Pisces or Cancer - Scorpio mars is the only water mars i would want! whenever I've known someone with a Pisces Mars I find them difficult to get on board with as they are so passive and flaky, lacking stamina and drive! I'm really thankful for my Mars in Sagittarius which is part of a stellium, that kicks my sun in pisces up the but! You should also look at aspecting planets to the mars and the house placement too that may be dragging it down.....


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I have posted this elsewhere, but again, I have to do it. It is verbatim copy of my own content, but I need to do it, sick of the portrayal of my sign. Surely we have our weak points, as everyone else, but this and the picture of everything related to Pisces are two totally unrelated things. This post will try to shed some light on what is meant and what is not meant by a planet in its dignities and debilities in traditional astro, particularized to the case of Mars.

Mars is in its triplicity in Pisces, and triplicity is one of the essential dignities, stronger than terms and definitely stronger than a decan.

According to the traditional western astrology strength count, Domicile is (+5), Exaltation is (+4) Triplicity is (+3) - William Lilly giving Mars as the lord of the watery triplicity by night and day - Terms is (+2) and Decan is (+1), being these the Essential Dignities. Peregrine is (-3), Fall is (-4) and Exile is (-5), being these the Essential Debilities.

Mars is its triplicity in Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, in its Fall in Cancer (making Mars a planet that even in Fall, it is not wholly in a bad situation) in Exaltation in Capricorn and in Domicile in Aries and Scorpio (being this the best placement for Mars). By all traditional accounts, Mars is in a very good shape in Pisces.

The Mars in nameyouthesign "passive-agressive stuff" is a our projection on the nature of Mars nature. Passiveness-agressiveness is a tactic that people use when they have not the strength to change things with their own forces. I have seen many assertive individuals crushed politically and socially, in spite of my deep dislike for this eventuality, for being open and forward with their views.

A strong Mars, as William Lilly would say is:
In feats of War and Courage invincible, scorning any should exceed him, subject to no reason, Bold, Confident, Immovable, Contentious, challenging all Honour to themselves, Valiant, lovers of War and all things partaining thereunto, hazarding himself to all Perils, willingly will obey nobody; nor submit to any, a large Reporter of his own Acts, one that fight all things in comparison to Victory, and yet of prudent behaviour in his own affairs.

A weak Mars (a Mars in which pile Essential Debilities and/or poor house placement) is described as: Prattler without modesty or honesty, a lover of Slaughter and Quarrels, Murder, Thievery, a promoter of Sedition, Frays and Commotions; a Highway-Thief, as wavering as the Wind, a Traitor, of turbulent Spirit, Perjured, Obscene, Rash, Inhumane, neither fearing God or caring for man, Unthankful, Treacherous, Oppressors, Ravenous, Cheaters, Furious, Violent.

William Lilly, Christian Astrology, 1647

By the way, Adolf Hitler had Mars in Taurus (in its Exile), and in Cardinal House (the 7th) thus ready to take action and be manifest. We all know the rest. Whom do you prefer, a Pisces Mars or a Taurus Mars?

Pisces is not weak. It is smart, Domicile of Jupiter (and Neptune) and Exaltation of Venus. But neither Jupiter (nor Neptune) are weak planets, nor the signs they rule. Many politicians (4 US Presidents, 3 Spain presidents in its Democracy), the Emperor Charles the I of Spain and V of Germany (Holy Roman Emperor) and scores of Forbes individuals are Pisces, among many other successful individuals. As a member of this "tribe" I am increasingly upset about the picture of Pisces as nothing short of losers.

Have a nice day, my friends. I had to say this.