Do you think the synastry between these two is more compatible or incompatible, why?


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I'm not sure how good it is to have Eros conjunct Jupiter in the relationship like asteroid Psyche conjuncts the Sun in the relationship means when it comes to asteroids.
What about minor aspects like Saturn biquintile Venus and Mars ? could that be a good thing?


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So sorry! I forgot to upload the synastry chart but it is up now finally.

Hi Dandelionnn:

Im a bit reserved when doing interpretations but honestly as i am still a student I did quite a bit of work looking at your synastry and the questions you posed at the beggining of this thread in regards to Eros, etc., I havent seen those particular aspects as being very profound here (in synastry that is). I'll tell you what is a really great tool/guideline when assessing compatibility is at the "Compatibility Analysis". Please check it out.

Anyway, the two people in question seem like they would be super compatible as their Suns are conjunct and their Moons are trined but I really didnt see any sign of a deeper 'Karma' here. Aside from His Mars in Cancer in Her (yours ?) 7th house there wasnt anything else I saw that would help the synastry out more except that I'm a wholehearted believer in oppositions in synastry and your Asc.'s are opposed but there are no other planets in either the 5th or the 7th houses at all. But there is lots of compatibility here so please dont despair, just not the karmic kind like North Node, Vertex, and Sun/Moon Midpoint conjunctions, etc. As I said before, Im still learning so if I've missed anything please forgive me as the astrologers here at AW are phenomenal!

I hope youre not dissappointed, and blessings to you!

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