Do you see a chance that i will ever be in a relationship?


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I have never been in a relationship, never been kissed and have never even been on a date. I don't understand why. I feel like I am the only girl my age that has not had a relationship. Do you see any indications of me entering a relationship any time soon? In the next few months or even years? I just feel so discouraged and sad because everyone around me is I love except me. I am kind of a late bloomer so do you think its just my destiny to find love much later in life?


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Well, We're born on the same day so I'll sit this one out.

What the hell why not.

Your ascendant ruler is a Venus who is placed in Capricorn. Capricorn is not the most breeziest of signs and a saturnine Venus such as yours would want nothing more than to be in a relationship that they can invest and grow in. Capricorn is said to get better with age as the natural maturity that comes with weathering life's storms gives the Saturnine some perspective and some humor too. Venus is occidental to the Sun and in the yin sign of Capricorn. This may mean that you come across too reserved romantically so others might think that you have no interest in them when you are really burning with desire inside. An aqua moon may exacerbate this by adding some emotional detachment which others read as coldness.

The dispositor of your Venus is a Saturn that is placed in Pisces, which Venus exalts in. This might mean that you have an underlying want of "true love" which a cap venus alone wouldn't be likely to suggest. So not only do you want a long lasting and durable relationship but you want it to be founded on a transcendental love which cannot be broken. Both Saturn and Venus rules your ascendant so their significations will be that much more important to you.

In this day and age the relationship that you crave is going to be hard to come by. At 19, you're in no way broken because you haven't had a relationship yet. And it's not all rainbows and unicorns being in a relationship either. Don't be fooled by appearances because you don't know what goes on behind close doors.

Btw the nodal axis across the horizon is pretty exact and a powerful player in your chart. There are knowledgeable people here who could help you out with that, if they so desire. It definetly has role to play in your distress imo.
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your venus is at 0cap38 and the nodal axis will square your venus on oct 28 2015. this would ber a good time to meet someone. it is somewhat surprising that you do not have any love experiences because your venus is conjunct to mars at 28sag6. the nodal axis with square mars on nov 31 2015. so you have a good chance to have a relationship between these dates.

still why have you not had a romantic encounter yet?

one thing is see is that your Saturn/pluto midpoint is square to your node which is on your ascendant. this pattern can show your father to be a very resricitng element in your life.
node on the ascendant usually gives a person strong psychic powers and as the Uranus/Neptune midpoint is square to the node, you have the potential for powerful dreams and visions. very often this patter gives prophetic dreams. but the uranus/Neptune conjunction can also make you uncertain of yourself and often you can not make decisions. here with the Saturn/pluto midpoint also conjunct to Neptune and Uranus. it may be that when you were young you exhibited strong psychic abilities and your father "made fun" of them or harshly treated you when you spoke of them. also this pattern with Uranus/Neptune and Saturn and pluto all square the node can give you premonitions... bad premonitions like harm or death coming to people. this pattern can give nightmares so between these possibilities and your fathers harsh control over you, you may have "learned " to block these abilities to please your father.

but returning to your question, I feel that your father had made your ashamed of yourself and he has destroyed your self esteem. he is a terrible influence for a person with your potential. it may be that your father has ingrained you with negative attitudes toward men in general so that you unconsciously shy away when someone shows an interest in you.

but you have an excellent transit for a relationship or love affair coming up, don't let your fathers negative attitude make you miss this transit of the node.