Do you know someone with a prominent Mars in Pisces?


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We all know that Mars symbolizes aggression, drive, confrontation, war..etc all that stuff. And Pisces seems to embody the exact opposite of all those things. Let's see, Pisces is gentle, dreamy, non-confrontational, goes with the flow..etc.

I have wondered, what happens when these two collide? In other words, when someone has Mars in Pisces, what is he like? How does Mars manifest in this ultra-feminine, ultra-soft sign? Do you know anybody with such a placement? What are they like?

I think this is very interesting. Let's discuss.


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I have Mars in Pisces. It is my only water planet. It is also opposed by Saturn and in an out-of-sign conjunction with my sun; so Mars in Pisces or in any sign may be greatly modified by its aspects.

Mars also rules athletes. It's also helpful to think of Pisces as modernly ruled by Neptune and traditionally by Jupiter.

Basically I like water sports, but I am not at all competitive. I don't like sports with winners and losers. Think of people out for a hike, where everyone makes it to the top of the mountain. I play duplicate bridge these days, which is competitive; but I don't think in terms of beating anyone: just doing my personal best.


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Very interesting, bread.

Maybe this non-competitiveness is a mark of this placement?

Now let's wait to hear from more people.
I know someone close to me with Mars in late Pisces...or the Pluto ruled decanate of Pisces....the others being 1st....Neptune, 2nd, Moon.

BUT it's important to look closely at the aspects to Mars....the more challenging aspects, the more activity. There will be internal struggles, but also external ones, if the 9th, 10th 11th houses are occupied.
It's a trap to try to interpret a life looking only at a Mars...or even a Sun or Jupiter....
For instance, this person has Sun/Saturn conjunct in the 11th....she is very goal oriented.
Mars is in the 11th too...
But MERCURY is also in the 11th....but in the Mars decanate of ARIES....and that makes a LOT of difference.

Mars is thought to be of low energy. And taken alone, this can be true. BUT it is never ''taken alone''. In this person's chart Mars is in a t-square...but also a very close sextile to she gets a LOT done!!

However, this Mars needs to rest periodically....or their nervous system will suffer. The irony is that the more challenging planets aspecting or transiting the Mars, the less the person tends to rest....and will work until they just can't function....and must rest.
This placement can be difficult. You don't go after what you want directly or even know what you want sometimes. You take the passive route rather than the assertive route. Your course in life is wavy, easy to get sidetracked.

Physically, can be low energy, need more alone time, re-charge time due to Pisces and porous boundaries. The demands of the outer world, people, etc. can be harsh w/ this placement so one needs to replenish their own energies.

Has some positives, can be a champion for the underdog or those who need help. I have it in the 12th, went into healthcare, worked in institutions (12th) of various types. But, being there for others puts you at your own disadvantage, too, others can be a "drain" on your energy. Having to create stronger boundaries is a big one w/ this placement. Learning to say no and take care of yourself, your own needs.


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I had the progressed Mars in Pisces for many years, and what @StarchaserNancy has to say regarding people draining you of energy, passive/aggressive tendencies, being sidetracked, etc., had often been my experience. Thank God it went into Aries but only about 5 years ago LOL.