Do You Have A Grand Trine?


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Do you have a Grand Trine in your Natal Horoscope? Would you like a deeper understanding of how this factors into your personality and development?

I am conducting a research project on people that have a Grand Trine in their natal horoscope.

Not sure if you have a Grand Trine? Here's what to look for:

1) 3 Planets in trine (120 degrees) to each other. Usually all 3 planets are in the same element but not always.


2) 2 Planets and an angle (MC,ASC,IC,DSC) 1st house cusp, 4th house cusp 7th house cusp, 10th house cusp. Again, usually in the same element but not always.

If you have one or more Grand Trines in your natal horoscope I would like to talk with you. In exchange for contributing to my research I will offer you a full horoscope consultation at no charge.

If you have this aspect in your horoscope and have not been able to figure out what it means or what you can "do with it" please contact me and together we will explore the possibilities.

EDIT: 8/25/2016 This offer still stands although I have to modify the way I am doing it. Previously I have offered a full consultation to anyone who requests. However, what happens is I get overwhelmed and then end up not getting back to everyone.

I am now offering two options:

1) Send me your birth details a little background about you and a question you may have. I will answer it as it relates to the Grand Trine or anything else significant I see in your horoscope. - No Charge

2) Send me your birth details and I will prepare a full natal analysis and schedule a phone consultation with you at a time that works for both of us. I pay for the call. You give a donation (don't stress over the amount, I am just looking for a fair exchange of energy).

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello Dave, I am very curious about your interpretation of my Grand Water trine between my Asc at 7 pisces, Jupiter at 9 cancer and Pluto at 13 Scorpio (maybe Venus also as she is at 18 Scorpio, or maybe that is out of range)

Generally my chart is very curious and I would be very interested in your interpretation, I have a strong cardinal t-suare, a kite, a grand trine and a mystic rectangle (if Asc and Dc count). All these patterns pivot on my fifth house Jupiter. Everything is so neat and there are no loose ends in my chart. Also I have a kazimi mars in detriment in Libra as the apex of my t-square.

Please let me know how to proceed as I am new here.
Best regards,