Do women year for status and wealth in a man?


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Everybody yearns for security. Secutiry in stable job, earnings, life, relationship. No matter how much women will like to be with me, if im jobless, lifeless, lonesome, without a backbone, purpose, ambitions, matured, she wont be near me anymore. The same goes with women. But this is my point of view. I search them this way, because this is what i can give. I dont have high standarts, but i know what i want and for years now i dont suffer fools gladly and i wont settle for anything less. Im from the generation with Uranus in Aquarius and one of our purposes is to evolve spiritualy. So, yes, i search that too, and i have found it. Everybody has to know what he is searching for, but im talking about something much higher in life. On with the topic - I cant say that today`s people search for status and wealth, but its modern nowadays to enter a relationship because of lonesome. Today`s people are really depressed and lonely. Some really dont care about time in spending to know each-other... they just enter, no matter with whoom. I know this from observation (friends, cousins ) and i was in that kind of relationship ( she was the lonely person ). This is why i have now standarts. If she/ he does not flow my boat, he is out. Im too young to deal with these type of people and when i get old, i will be to old to waste my time with them. I may say that i have found women who search the same as me and this is just the law of attraction. I have a saying to myself, that - "You attract people, who are your level". Im talking subconsciously what you search. I dont know about older generatons, but ive addressed my generation`s issues.
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