Do I still love my husband? I'm just not a fit wife and he deserve better. Considering divorce.


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I'm sorry I'm a Hellenistic astrology student so I admit I don't know anything about Horary so if you can help me.

My Horary question, I cast it the time of my question: Do I still love my husband?

We married 10+ years, we love each others so much that none of us can live without each others, BUT I'm just not fit to be a wife and he deserve better, ALOT better.
I'm thinking of one side sign the divorce papers (as I live in a state that does not need two signatures for divorce). He deserve ALOT BETTER than a wife like me.

Do I still love my husband? Jupiter is me right since I'm Sagittarius 1st house, and Jupiter in 4th house. Mercury is him right since he Gemini 7th house, and Venus angular near Descendant. Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Gemini, mutual reception isn't it?

There just isn't any hope left for us isn't it?

Thank you so so much for your help.

The answer is 'no' in this chart. Mercury is debilated, the moon is in Aries without dignity, and Jupiter too. There are no aspects between moon, you and him. If you have to ask this question, then you aren't. I think you're looking for an excuse to divorce him. Just go if you're not happy. An Aries 4th can be an angry, quarrelsome home and family at times. Venus rules friends and the 6th house of illness, so that's a bust.


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"We married 10+ years, we love each others so much that none of us can live without each others..."

If that^^^ is true, why do you ask if you still love him? Have you fallen in love with someone else?

Moon applying to a sextile with Venus in Gemini....Are you making other plans?


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@katydid , @Antiks72

No, there no third party involve. And I only love my husband.
The reason why I think of divorce (or at least in April I did), it because I'm a very abusive person, I abuse my husband in these 10+ years married. I feel that he deserve better than a wife who abusive to him.
I have Intermittent Anger Explosive Disorder, I'm in therapy and it has been helpful to help me control my anger, it just I feel that he deserve better.

And you know Composite chart right? Composite is my chart plus my husband chart put together and it take midpoint of the two charts. Our Composite basically show our marriage.

Seem like so much Mars and Venus actions in our composite.
Sun in Taurus, Aries Moon Taurus Mercury, Aries Venus, Scorpio Mars, Scorpio Saturn, Scorpio Pluto. Taurus MC, Scorpio IC.
Sun and Mercury rule by Venus whom Venus in Aries rule by Mars and Mars in Scorpio with Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio. So it like a loop of Venus and Mars here, lol.

And those reds oppositions and conjunctions. Are those Pluto Opposition Sun, Pluto Opposition Moon, Pluto Opposition Mercury, Pluto Opposition Venus?

Somehow Jupiter in 6th house blue Trines to our hard aspects and smooth out our problems. Seem like Jupiter save this marriage.
And four fixed signs angles too (Asc Dsc IC MC). No planets in bad houses.
How bad is this Composite? We somehow married 10+ years and still married even with a Composite like this.

Do you post on astro-seek? I think I've seen this chart before. Yes, more of the same and the abuse is clearly shown.