Do I have grand cross or what? how to figure one's profession?

1. HI, I'm new to astrology. I was wondering if someone can tell me if I have a t square or a mutable grand cross in mine? seems on one end of the cross does not reach the last mutable sign, Sag? so what is it please, some sort of square, rectangle?? I will look it up once some one tells me what it is, thanks! I feel there is much mutability in the chart and my life also, not knowing where to go and what to do? confusion. I'm a musician, a teacher, getting into medical astrology, into history, face reading, alt meds etc. Astrology has changed my life and I see how in history it was always there, the 1st science I'm told... I have been able to read people very well with this science, very impressed!

2. Vocation wise in the 10th , whole signs I use, Sag is there, and I'm told to follow that sign's professions, plus also follow Scorpio in the 9th with Jupiter and Neptune professions? and even the 11th which has Capricorn with Saturn in it? is this correct? any ideas? profession wise had too many so far, confusing!

3. How does my chart look, very bad or quite decent to you veterans?

thanks God Bless You!

I don't know how to put my chart here from astrodienst?
my info is 5 29 1959 130 am Buenos Aires Argentina