Do I have colon cancer?


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I asked if I had colon cancer this is genetic in one side of my family, and already lost the closest to it.

something got in the way before I could check for myself again when I wanted to.

I am represented by the Sun, and the sixth house ruled by Saturn. Now i am hoping for a no answer to this horary but Saturn is trining the ascendant.

Thankfully neither the moon or the sun are trining the ascendant but they are trining each other...albeit a separating trine.

Unfortunately Saturn is not in a cadent house but at least it is not in an angular house either. However it is doing better than the sun.

Okay so this is as much as I can see now as a bit too sleepy, there are benegin tumors elsewhere in my body (or they were when I checked a year and a bit ago) ....but here I asked about colon answer as i know that is the really stealthy one and without any money from a job, where i am, i can only check for one for now, so asking this question.

Any help with this is appreciated.


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I am not a health care professional, so please listen to the doctors vs. an amateur astrologer, but here's what I see.

I don't think this is cancer. Your 6th house of health is ruled by Saturn, but Saturn is not afflicted, and has some essential dignity, being in its own terms and face in Sagittarius. None of the significators is in the 12th, 6th, or 8th houses.

Saturn and the moon are ruled by Jupiter, which is not in a strong position, being combust the sun, and lacking in essential dignity. It is also in the sign of Scorpio, which rules the lower part of the colon. So you may have a health issue involving your colon, which might last for a while (with Saturn as your 6th house ruler) but this could be something much more benign than cancer, like polyps or an irritable bowel.

Your post caught my eye because my brother died of colon cancer. However it was not detected until Stage 4. Needless to say, I read a lot about colon cancer when he was ill. I learned that when this cancer is detected early, at Stage I and early Stage II, the survival rate is really high. So delay in getting a possible problem checked out is not a really good idea.

If you think you might have colon health problems, have you consulted with a doctor about it? If not, and money is an issue, hopefully there are walk-in and free clinics near where you live. Colon screening (a colonoscopy) is not a fun procedure (I've had it done twice, plus a colonography,) but it allows the doctor to get a really good look at what's happening to your colon-- from the inside.

If you haven't had some kind of medical check-up yet, please do, and let us know the result.


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Waybread I am terribly sorry to hear about your brother, I really am. One of my parents died this way so I have an idea about what you saw and may have felt during that phase of time.

I had a different kind of cancer as soon as I graduated university, and this affected my life in so many ways, like a new bubble is there and you live in it, while the bubble of what you used to think is everyday existence runs parallel to it...needless to say i only want good health these days but i cannot control genes.

No walk in clinics here, everything costs a lot of money. But if i get a job soon i’ll check this first, then let you know

Thank you for the help with this horary and I do hope you stay in good health to!


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Oh, thanks. My brother lived a good and productive life, although of course we were saddened to lose him. The main thing is that I don't think you have cancer, but it would be good if you could consult a medical professional as you may have another, though non-fatal condition. So far I've gotten good reports from my colon screening.

Let us know what happens if you are able to get some screening, so we'll learn more astrology.


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Mercury is attacking the ascendant, but I wouldn't read that as indicative of cancer. It looks like something is going on though, hopefully something minor, but get it checked as soon as you can.


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Saturn and Mars would be significators of the disease. Neither aspect the Sun in the 4th whole sign house. Sun is also with Jupiter. This looks to be a valid chart. There is no indication of serious disease in the chart.



Moon's last aspect is a square that supersedes the affects (she is also angular) of the Saturn Uranus approaching trine= Yes, she will square Saturn = No.

Mars will oppose Uranus = No, (Marc Edmund Jones technique-discordant energy = No, benign energy = yes.) they experience mutual dignity, (harmony & exalt-ion = an 'agreement or an assurance' energy=No of the opposition effect) Mars is exalted in Aries = Uranus in the 9th house Aries, & Uranus harmony in Libra = the place of detriment of Mars=No.

Modern Uranus is co lord (non-Lily) of Capricorn & Uranus as the sign Aquarius is arising on the 7th house of doctor's (Uranus concerns becoming evident) & your 6th house of health, significant of malefic energy = No.

(Mercury of Virgo 6th house (health of the colon) is in harmony in fixed Scorpio, nothing to worry about 'I like it here', when all is said and done my 'thoughtful-inspection' (detective work reflection in Scorpio) will be revealed by a biopsy taken if need be, subject matter of Scorpio=surgery. Additionally Mercury in the 4th (how things turn out) says a thoughtful higher mind (the exchange understanding is with Uranus being felt exalted back in Scorpio where Mercury resides in the 4th.) says to have a positive outlook which helps to eliminate fearful thinking, (Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury & I am thinking you secretly 'know' you are not afflicted with the disease as Uranus in the 9th give prophecy of a type of hidden wisdom.)

The lower hemisphere of the chart, (hidden area of the life energies) houses & signs are above the horizon and you will soon be aware of those things occult that heretofore have not been openly apparent in your understanding.

Mercury is just leaving the exact partile degree of a 'square' with the fated N.N. just past 21 degrees of Leo, = No. N.N. is moving away from hovering about the Ascendant description of physical presence, health of the body.
North Node in the 12th house; significant of 'past or history', your worries about inherited congenital illness should be leaving soon, the crisis is over for
aspects or energies approaching give events, aspects that are waning are indicative of past events that have culminated.

You may have lingering (thoughts, Mercury is fixed, trifle worries but the worst of these fears are diminishing you are on the mend for a doctor's investigation & evaluation will give solace.)

Venus rules poly pus pockets but she is dignified in Libra will make a separating aspect or opposition = No, to Uranus. Additionally saying in that same light of effectiveness is her square aspect to Pluto (destiny or fate of death) = No.

It is Mercury though lord of Virgo (colon health) representing an energy just past the partile square with N.N. on the Ascendant in Leo = that is most significant to give a No answer to any ill fated health issues, for he being in harmony (Doris Chase Donne 'Modern Horary Astrology') in that dreaded sign where Mars is lord (Cancer sig.) with modern Pluto (morte') of Scorpio fame is really considered of great good. (Note all the angle's are in agreement.

Venus in Libra is significant of a beneficial judgement by the doctor's (Taurus on the 10th, soon you will experience the ease of mind she signifies ascending in the 1st quadrant, the end decision in diagnosis.) She is in the house of intellect where she gives relief to the subject matter of the sign where lord Mercury resides.

Sun in mutual reception with Uranus in Aries, Uranus exalted in Scorpio, consider 4th and 9th houses=endings & decision of the doctor will be exalted in diagnosis.

Scorpio of the 8th house realm (deposited on the 4th) the sign of surgery/ lord Mars of that sign is in detriment in Libra added malefic significance = No to surgery (Mars=cutting) as a decision.

Mars back in his home sign in Aries = dignity = No, consider he is soon to oppose Uranus in Aries=a sudden turnaround in thinking influenced by the doctors decision, Uranus in harmony in Libra of the 7th house (natural house/sign of doctors) It will be after the doctor's visit (when Mars comes into orb of the opposition with Uranus) you will hear of the 'No' diagnosis.)

Hoping these signets will lend you some ease of mind.
Am not a doctor & the advice of Waybread & Culpepper supersede here for best reassurance & level headed calming advice.

A decumbiture chart is one that is taken at the time you first take to your sick bed or feel ill, should you note the time, a chart may be erected from the data to reveal the existence of the particulars.

Wishing you free from worry
and do please get a check up.

All the best
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Wow Vyri, that is one post, thank you so much for the effort you put into this, i will come back in a few hours to give you feedback on your reading so you can save in your astrology notes.

@waybread as soon as I read ‘to learn more astrology’ me dig into my savings for this. Anyway I will update in a while.