Do I have any chance of winning the lottery?

I've recently become interested in this subject and astrology aspects that point toward it. Just wondering if there's any indications in my chart whatsoever. Sorry, I know it's a common question, but I will really appreciate any help. Thanks!

Sun Sextile Mars
Sun Square Saturn
Sun Trine Midheaven
Moon Trine Mercury
Moon Conjunction Saturn
Moon Conjunction Neptune
Moon Sextile Pluto
Moon Sextile Ascendant
Mercury Trine Uranus
Mercury Trine Neptune
Mercury Opposition Pluto
Mercury Opposition Ascendant
Mercury Square Midheaven
Venus Trine Jupiter
Venus Sextile Uranus
Venus Sextile Neptune
Venus Trine Pluto
Venus Trine Ascendant
Mars Trine Jupiter
Mars Opposition Midheaven
Jupiter Opposition Uranus
Uranus Conjunction Neptune
Neptune Sextile Pluto
Neptune Sextile Ascendant
Pluto Conjunction Ascendant
Pluto Square Midheaven




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Anyone has a favorable aspect somewhere which means you could
win the lottery. You have lots of favorable aspects.

to teach you to read the chart, check your 5th house, and planets
in 2nd or 8th or 11th house, and rulers of 5th house aspects
such as if virgo rising, capricorn is 5th and saturn is ruler.
if benefic planets are active, or positive, such as sun moon jupiter venus
then you would show more chance of winning - you can use the best
times to play also when you have benefic aspects.

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