Do I go well with this Gemini?


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This is my Gemini lover's chart and this one with the sun in Virgo is mine. I am a Virgo Libra cusp and very much of both. How compatible are we according to your readings on these Astrology charts?


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Could you please go to the extended chart selection in and make a synastry chart for the two of you? I've been out of the game so long that I can't do this in my head anymore. :p

I will say, though, after having read the other posts, that I think doing synastry will simply expose a scoundrel. Going by what you've said, he's a player, and has no intention of changing. Just exactly what do you want from him? Because odds are you're not going to get it. I'd say it's high time you took back the time and energy you're wasting on him and spend it on yourself again. He's not worth it and you are. How much kicking around will it take to convince you?


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Saturn in Pisces in my reading shows pain in the feet and foot problems. This is very true. This man has serious problems with his feet because he fell down the stairs years ago and was in a coma for awhile. Somehow he gets around better than me :alien: