divorce settlement


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I asked the question will he get the amount he's asking for.
My husband and I are getting divorced. I'm the one with assets from inheritance. There may be a loophole where he can get some money.
I'm the moon in Sag, no dignity :sad:
He's Saturn, retrograde but has some dignity in term. He's in the sign of my fall, which is appropriate.
My money represented by the second house is the sun, again no dignity and in the 12th. Why the 12th?? No aspect to Saturn.
However what concerns me is the benefics in my second house square Saturn. I'm very rusty on horary so I would appreciate if someone could shed some light on things, maybe i missed something. I don't know.


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i'd say NO
here is why

saturn is in critical degree retro - he is out of luck
2 ... moon is doing all the work.. that is you
squares mean No to me in this case
you have no strong reception
saturn is weak

off bat,, pluto on desc is not winning him any favors


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Thanks Tikana.
I've started trying to negotiate before I go back to my lawyer for custody arrangements and money.
He's lowered his figure. He had to, otherwise he'd have to appear in court and explain certain things that would be embarrassing. If I'm not mistaken Venus and Jupiter are in the sign of Saturn's detriment or fall. That and the square may represent him getting money but not as much as he wanted.