Divorce Seperation


please look into my chart and tell me if there is divorce in my life
or will me and my wife have a temporary seperation
I am unable to adjust to attitude issue of my wife. she fights all the time for no issue

my horoscope
24/6/1988. 1:28 PM. Birth place. Chennai
There is no birth chart for my wife.


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You are currently going under Jupiter Mahadasha and Venus antardasha and both planets are colliding in the 9th house, causing heated issues in domestic life, also Saturn looking at mars which is sitting with Rahu can indicate more relationship problems and health issue as well. Put Chana dal and lal masoor daal on rooftop everyday. Also wear moti gemstone. This would make things a lot better.


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Thanks sir. Can you see this marriage surviving
It is worse now

Vicki as I said the problem may continue which obviously isn’t a good sign, strongly advice you do the remedies that I suggested. I also suggest doing yoga as that would make Jupiter better and flow of oxygen in brain gives the right mindset and remove seperative tendencies.

Good luck


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Saturn is placed in Sagittarius in your chart and it projects aspect to the Sun and Mars which is with Rahu in the sixth house.
The major-period of Jupiter and sub-period of Venus are operating these days till March/2020.
Jupiter in transit is in Libra till Oct/2018. There may be some improvement in domestic tension after Oct/2018.