Discussion:Aspects and Signs that favours sharing through social networking platforms

Recently I am thinking about this question: what aspects and Signs would favours sharing through social networking platforms.

With the going popularity of sites like Facebook and twitter and many others, I observed that there are different behaviours:

Some tend to be silent observers, some tend to share their emotions, others shares their opinions on matters, and the list goes on...

Are these behaviours affected by Mercury (communication)? Or more by the Ascendant (the way we present ourselves as) ?

Could we say that people who tend to share photos of food, daily happenings, more of an influence by Earthy traits?

People who tend to discuss philosophical and political issues more Airy?

People who do not tend to be active in social network sites having more Scorpio or Capricorn energies?

Just curious and welcome any thoughts.


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I am very active online, and very big on sharing my thoughts and whatnot with others. Always have been. I chalk it up to having mercury and venus in gemini conjunction. Further having venus conjunct jupiter.


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Oooo oooo I kno this one. The third house, definitely b/c I read that it rules the Internet I think an active 3rd house really makes one social as they tend to interact with the surrounding environment. The more planets there the more open u become with communicating. I have Uranus there, also I have a mercury and Venus conjunct in Scorpio-pretty private or at least I need to be.

Maybe a first house mercury makes one open to