Dirius, Rafaella, anyone here ? how will he react ?


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A summary of this guy, we were just get along (not a serious relationship, no compromise at all), one night he said something I didn't like at all and everything passed to my mind like "do I want this guy in my life? " even just to flirt, to have a fling with somebody else doesn't mean that you don't have your values, right ? at least I think like that, respect is always welcome and I am freak tired to this guy not see me clearly, he doesn't say but I know for sure that he does judge very wrongly, my personality, my persona but he is the one that has dutty attitudes so I see the whole thing and at the same time we have attraction, I just can't stand the situation of the moment, I am thinking about to one day, talk to him, clarify a little bit what I dislike and if he wants to have me just a friend at least. My heart is so confused because at the same time I want to keep have flirtings with him.
I don't know if he wont give a s*** to what I will say, I really don't bet this haha and he walk away and say "ok, have a good night and bye" or if he will think about what I have to tell him and have some reaction so the question I made is how will he react about my words, what will he think later on ?

even we don't have a serious relation I already know that he is the 7th house, so I see that me as a Jupiter will enter in his sign in detriment, oh well, I do think that I will still be into him later and I can regret if I tell him everything I want to say now due venus retrograde -my 3rd house of communication. Now he is mercury in fall in leo, he receive me in a negative way, very negative, I think he won't look the conversation as something just to clarify and be clear to him but he will see me as perhaps dramatic girl, doing dramas for nothing and he will hate this. Sun his second ruler but his animal side, he only receives me "well" in domicile in a sexuality so he only see me as a good sexual thing. My moon in fall, very tense will square my Jupiter, I think that my heart and my mind are not in a concordance then will conjunct to the malefic Saturn, I don't see me in a good state of this IF I make a decision to talk to him about all of this maybe I should shut my mouth to do not regret and see or be more prepared to talk. He is in his 12th house and in fall, he will hate the drama and he won't make any move, he is not willing at all to make changes or care about my feelings, his mars the ruler of his 3rd house is also in a fall, once again, he won't have nice thought regarding my speech due emotions and sensitivity of my side.
People, forgive me but I am not good at all in horary I did my best here.


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I don't see good things coming of this relationship. You're Jupiter, in good dignity, but stuck in the 6th house where you can't do much of anything. So is he, Mercury. Mercury's combust, so he isn't seeing clearly and the combustion may also be indicative of the way he goes off at the mouth.

Moon is in fall, about to square Jupiter (you), and then conjunct Saturn. It could be a lot of heart ache to continue with this person. I wish it weren't so, but it truly looks as if you're better without him than with him.


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Hey Carla,

Oddity pretty much summarised what I wanted to say regarding this chart and I can't add much more. it doesn't look like he understands you. Moon opposes Mercury by antiscion, so it does look like your emotional self (the Moon) and him are at odds. Moon is unhappy, if you think you are going to be in a relationship with him you will just keep on hurting, but if you remove your emotions and just see this as a bit of flirtation and friendship then maybe you will do better.

wishing you all the best!