Direct True node in an intercepted sign


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When searching for the meaning of a direct true node there is very limited information to be found. A lot of people don't attribute any major difference in how this particular energy manifests itsself compared to retrogade. However I believe everything has meaning, especially if something doesn't occur often. Others say its somehow karmic related. Another post i've read which I will copy and paste here rang the most true for me personally

I haven’t fully developed my theories on this, but I’ll share some of my thoughts. I believe that we work with two different cycles: growth and evolution. Growth cycles are connected with the direct (forward) motion through the signs, and can be completed during the course of one lifetime. Evolution cycles, on the other hand, represent significant developments and changes on all levels, and require more than one lifetime to complete. The Great Ages of Man, delineated through the precession of the equinoxes are an example of evolutionary cycles.

If this is the case, than planets in retrograde motion are working on an evolutionary lesson; we’re getting a brief glimpse of something bigger than our daily perceptions and experiences. The Moon’s Nodes certainly relate to our evolutionary lessons because they connect us with the continuing journey of our soul, and generally move in retrograde motion. However, what does it mean when the Moon’s Nodes are in direct motion and therefore involved in a growth cycle? I don’t know. I periodically toy with the idea that individuals born with the Nodes in direct motion may be able to find more specific applications of the lessons of their Nodal Axis in this lifetime. It’s not the kind of thing that one can really verify, though.

Again, I’m just sharing some initial thoughts that I’m exploring, which also illustrate why I work with the True Node and not the Mean Nodes.

However this brings me to my "dilemma". My direct true node is in an intercepted sign. (scorpio/4th house)

Reading about intercepted signs they talk about blockages, or being enclosed.

Does this mean that having a direct true node within an intercepted sign that my life's purpose is hidden from myself? Or that its somehow more of a difficulty trying to live up to the reason I choose to be here?

I was wondering if anyone else has done some research, or has some opinions on this matter and could share some insight

Thanks in advance