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Your natal chart says:
Delusional or depressed thinking is a big problem for you always: Mercury square Neptune, Mercury combust from ruler of the 12th. Your home life is a bright spot which cheers you up emotionally: Jupiter lord 4th trine Moon, Jupiter conjunct Mercury.

Your progressed chart says:
The Moon rules emotions. Your progressed Moon is in the 12th right now, which is a place of depressed emotions and mental instability. It recently made a square to progressed Uranus, which caused you to have emotional difficulties with your daily educational workplace (Uranus lord 6th in the 3rd). In about one month, the progressed Moon will square progressed Mars. This means you will have an emotional difficulty with taking action on your education and your financial support. You will have difficulty communicating your feelings. Your thoughts will cause you more emotional distress. That will last for about a month. Then, two months from now, the progressed Moon will semisextile natal Jupiter. This is an indicator that you might be going home. You will feel more cheerful. Progressed Mercury stays in the 3rd house. You're going to find yourself in an educational environment, wherever you decide to go.