Different signs in Vedic Chart??


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Is the Vedic chart more accurate in determining how you are?
My Sun Sign is Pisces, Moon Pisces, and Ascendant Scorpio in Western Astrology.

With Vedic Astrology I am a Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Libra Ascendant.

I identify personality wise a lot much closer to Libra. I also do not think I have that intense Scorpio gaze. I do have dimples and love to smile though! :lol:

http://www.astrosage.com/freechart/Basic Details.asp

My Chart.


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i think i got aries sun, cancer moon, libra rising in vedic. that's so not me. could it be possible i become that in the future? in western i'm taurus sun, leo moon, scorp rising.

Hmm..that is interesting. How about appearance wise? Did you make sure your GMT and DST time were correct? That could change your signs.


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appearance wise scorp rising definitely. i read kannon's description of rising signs and seems to describe me well. in western though i'm a 0 degree scorp so a few mins off i would've been libra. perhaps some qualities of libra rub off but mostly it's the scorp that dominates.

i gather sun sign is not very important in vedic. only moon and ascendant. i'm actually not so sure about aries sun it's just what i remember.

That is very interesting! I have asked most people I know they say I come off as a Libra, not as a Scorpio. I wonder why Vedic chart is accurate for some, and not so much for others. Do you think my appearance is more of a Libra or a Scorpio?



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libra just because you are smiling!:joyful: but maybe i'm wrong. if rising signs were dogs a libra would be an afghan hound. a scorp rising would be a dobermann or a rottweiler.

what does astro.com say? are you not sure of your birth time? i'd be inclined to believe that. try playing around with house systems to see if they change. try whole sign.

I am sure of my birthday. My western astrology signs are: Pisces sun and moon and Scorpio ascendant.

My Vedic astrology are Pisces sun, Aquarius moon, Libra ascendant.

I could identify with both traits, but more so with Libra just because I am not as private, and as distrusting of people as my true Scorpio friend. She is adamant that I am a Libra ascendant. She told me I am nothing like her because she has to constantly tell me not to trust people. :innocent: I don't think I trust people that easily! But she think otherwise lols. She also say that I am always smiling at everybody, and I make friends easily and get along with everybody. She told me that as a Scorpio, she and her sister had always have their fair share of enemies without knowing why. Is that true???? She also told me that I am too passive and easy going to be a Scorpio, and that she see me always balancing things in my life lols! I did not realize all that until she told me! It made sense, me and her are pretty different in personality.


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oh so you don't know your exact time. try solar arcs but i dunno how to do it lol!

who knows maybe you are a scorp rising. you don't have to be dark and brooding just because a reading says you are. i think i've played up certain traits ever since i've gotten into the risings and moons and whatnot.

yeah we're a love hate thing. :devil:

i really like that vedic website btw. i'm reading my interpretation right now. yup i guess i'm an aries sun in vedic. hehe this is funny.

Hmmm I am a Pisces sun in vedic too. I do have some of the main Pisces traits. I am always day dreaming in my own la la land lols. My friend told me I have that sparkle in my eyes and that I always seem lost! I am also very idealistic, clumsy, and could be shy. I am also extremely sensitive, and emotional. Scorpio hide their emotions well supposedly but I cry easily and cannot hide my emotions well at all.:andy: