Difference in Dignity


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Hi guys. I had a question about horary en generale. I casted one recently and the significator in question was in fall as far as essential dignity goes. However, based on other factors in the chart, I ascertained that had a great deal of accidental dignity that "overrode" so to speak the essential debility. So my question is, how would having accidental dignity but not essential change my view on the horary in question?


essential is potential
Its how well the planet is connected to the universe based on its position in the zodiac it shows the strength of the soul of the planet.

Accidental is power
accidental is not as important as essential, its based on being at the right place at the right time.

but one means nothing without the other so, a soul with no power is useless, and a planet full of power, with a weak soul can't manifest its power as strongly.


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However, based on other factors in the chart, I ascertained that had a great deal of accidental dignity that "overrode" so to speak the essential debility

Vardigon, I dont think essential debility in a horary chart can be bettered by other accidental dignities in that same chart.

With horary, you basically ONLY look at the significators, nothing else. And there are usually only two significators and the Moon. John Frawley gave a fantastic example of a horary interpretation in one of his books, with only two planets, quisitor and quisited and left all other planets out of the chart.

So if Quisitor is strong, but quisited is weak, then that wont change his weakness, nor will the chart become more positive because the Quisitor is strong. It is all about the getting together of the two components. Essential debility or strength shows how strong or how weak the two people (in relationship questions) are. If you are talking about person A who wants to obtain an object B and the person A is weak, then he probably cannot do much about it.

Should there be an ingoing good aspect, then Person A will get his B, but probably cannot really handle it well or does not really know what to do with it once he has obtained it (like a job for instance).

Is A strong but B (job) weak, and they come together, then the job (B) will probably not be up to the expectations of A. Should there be Mutual reception as well between them, then A will not be too disappointed with the job, even though he might have hoped for something better.

So if one of the two is in fall, the chart cannot get any better by having maybe another planet in a good sign or place, because that planet has nothing to do with the question. Only mutual reception can be of help, but it will automatically be a weak MR because one planet is in fall.

In a natal chart however, you can have one very strongly placed planet making a chart better in case you should have others in essential debility. At least you could say that the person is weak in this area but very strong in another.