did someone try breaking in?


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this morning around 6 am or so after my dad left to work my dog started barking right away and i got up and locked my front door, then an hour or two later a man appeared at my house and he was saying "ups" or "gas company" (my dad paid the bill last week so a visit from them was weird and my sister gets sent notifications whenever we have something delivering and there was no expected package) anyway, my dog started barking again, i then was awake because of the noise and i thought i heard him trying to unlock my door by pressing on the handle? i could be wrong because i was very sleepy but i thought that was weird. my dog also barks very fast and quickly when theres someone right at the door step, she always barks whenever people pass the sidewalk but those barks are more long and has more pauses? so when he was at the door step really close by and when i thought i heard him trying to unlock the door her barks became faster with no pauses and quite loud. my dad said check if the gas was turned off, it wasn't and check if there was a "we missed you!" note on the door, and there wasn't. my house is a decade old almost, we have no windows in some areas of the home, cardboard up on some areas to avoid the heat and rain we get, haven't remodeled in ages, so if this was someone with bad intentions, from an outsiders perspective my house has nothing valuable. were there targeting my sister and i perhaps? i could he paranoid but what does this horary say?


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Nicole, do you have any social media accounts where you post pictures of yourself on? Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, etc?