Did he get fired?


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I set up this chart to understand the situation of my brother. He believes that he got fired by his company because they still haven't paid his salary and he was supposed to get additionaly a bonus at the end of the year. He received no communication at all from the company and he thinks that they will try to steal time so that he cant received what he is due.Today they suspended his account and he is supposedly on holidays till next week.
I looked at the chart, he is sun in capricorn and he just passed the south node.10th house of career lord is venus and venus is located in the 7th house opposite his ascendant.Venus is not making any aspects..could explain the mute communication? Also I see Uranus conjunct the midheaven. This lead me to think that this a yes. Uranus represent the unexpected situation and venus does not aspect him.I wonder also about how this will end. 4th house of end of matters is represented by mars and mars is about to change sign..I need your lights please thank you
Astrochart https://imgur.com/gallery/fp4p6d2

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Just wanted to update in case someone wants to study the chart. He indeed got fired. He has just received his letter of dismissal.

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hello elvira
i just saw this chart and thanks for the update but the way you phrased your question it seems that this was a question asked from you: did he got fired" and then you used asc for your brother...so i suppose this is his question not yours..
so if he is indeed sun he will be fired simply cause the part of dismissal is cap=16.50 and sun in this chart is going to aspect it in more or less 5 units (cardinal and succedent so about 5 days).Moreoever we have the separating aspect with s.n and venus his 10th in sun's detriment..