Did he cheat on me this year?


I am getting weird feelings and I think it’s a yes. Sun just had a conjunction with Jupiter. He seems to like Jupiter a lot. Can anyone give me anymore information. Why is mercury between them?


The 7th house ruler (him) sun in sag in his turned fourth house is leaving a conjunction from his fifth house ruler Jupiter. He likes her more than me. He’s colder and distant
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I would appreciate any help with this. I just need to know if the feelings I am getting are real or just me. I had a baby gained a bunch of weight. I am not looking to go crazy unless I have some real evidence (email, text). I just have weird feelings like there is something I don’t know. I need to know if it’s this or not. Thank you.


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Him being in his 5th house with his 5th ruler jupiter, and including mercury, which moon is in a trine with, with reception, equals a yes from me.