diagnosed with OCD


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I'm posting because I was just diagnosed by two different psychologists with obsessive compulsive disorder. I have been seeing these psychologists since my divorce in early August. The divorce was because of domestic violence and abuse, my Aries descendant and 1st house mars placement is probably just asking for that. They have also said that it's possible I have problems with anxiety (no joke! divorced at 24!), an adjustment disorder, and codependency problems. (Libra rising?)

My mother is an astrologer, but sometimes asking family to look into problems within my chart doesn't work. (My mom doesn't like talking about my flaws, etc.)

So, I've attached my chart below. I was hoping that some of you on here could lead me to some insight about OCD, or if any of you could see indicators of OCD or any other psychological problems in my chart. Sometimes I have problems seeing outside myself and like to hear the advice and thoughts of others.



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