Diabetes in young person -


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Glipizide fails for a little over half the people on it - just so you know. It doesn't necessarily mean someone's getting worse, it's just kind of a hit-or-miss drug, especially after you've taken it for a while.

Given that your son is in a 12th house year, I'd be a little cautious about research trials as well. But it's up to him, of course.

If he has a sufficiently low-carbohydrate diet, he may not need drugs at all - I don't know. But blood sugar control is the most important thing, and low carbohydrate intake is the way to do that.


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He is doing a good job of controlling his blood sugar. When he exercises he actually gets lows on that drug. At first he was only taking 0.5 gram but now he is on one gram - still very low.

I think you are right about doing something risky under a bad influence. I have lyme disease. I have to travel to see a good doctor and have learned not to go when the timing is bad. When my progressed aspects are negative I will be sick, no matter what, so best wait to start a new drug when things are looking up.

I don't know anything about the trials or even if he would be accepted now as most of them only accept people within three months of diagnosis. But so far they have been very successful. They were using immune suppressant drugs - They are now doing trials of drugs that do not affect the immune system. I would not want him to take an immune suppressant. If he later got something like lyme, it could kill him.

Thank you for your help.