Determining financial health


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Hello. I feel that I have talked enough about my love life that I want to talk about something else, aka, my financial life. I wonder what aspect or house I should pay attention to, to determine whether I have financial health. I am guessing I should look at my 2nd house and its lord? My 2nd house is empty and the lord is in the 4th. Does this mean my wealth will mainly come from my family?



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Your chart doesn't tell you what shape your finances are in. For that, look at your bank account(s).

What your second house tells you is, in a general sense, how money tends to work for you. Do you only manage to have it by being frugal? Does it somehow seem to appear whenever you need it? Are you more of a spender, or a saver? Is money in and of itself important to you, or does it not matter at all as long as you can pay your bills?

The condition of your second house ruler also tells us something. Is it in fall or detriment? Domicile or exaltation? Peregrine? What aspects is it involved in? House placement is, I find, secondary, although it might be slightly descriptive of how you're making your money. Fourth house could be family money, but it could just as easily indicate money earned through real estate, or agriculture, something like that. Fourth house is the house of land.

Your Part of Fortune can also indicate ways you could benefit, financially and otherwise. Where your best resources are likely to come from.