DESPERATE for HELP!! Please Read my Chart / BOOMERANG ISSUES!!


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Just wanna say that it is through chaos that we reach the calm. Be courageous through these trials --- the universe will give you what you can handle. And focus on your rising sign in Scorpio. Pluto is the ruler! Don't fear Pluto, embrace it! You are strong, and independent, a fighter, an artist, mystic, anything you wanna be. But don't let me tell you that. Discover it for yourself. You're not even 25 years old so let the universe unfold and fear nothing but fear itself. Don't internalize the chaos, cause the chaos isn't you. Only time and experience will tell you that.

Good luck on your journey,



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Hey Buddy, I'm sorry to hear about your father. I know you might not want to hear this now, but in a way it's good that you are realizing these things now. Most people have issues of some type. It's really healthy that you are willing to acknowledge them. You are opening up. Like asmodee said, you are in the midst of transforming. It'll ultimately be a good thing.

Researching astrology can be very revealing and identify our strengths and weaknesses. I'd like to commend you that you have decided to analyze yourself at such a young age. It speaks of wisdom and the desire to grow and expand. Throughout this you'll be able to recognize what makes you tick and use it to your advantage.

Good luck bro and hang in there

ps, I too have yods that I don't know how to work with... All I know is that they are there. I've come to realize I'm a pretty complicated person. That in itself has helped tremendously.


Hey thanks for the replies, I was pretty stressed that night and going out of town for a few days has recently helped me understand things a lot better.

Anyway, i will focus on the direction the boomerang is pointing, which is right at the ascendant. I always think about how i represent myself anyway so maybe this is a good time to solidify just that. I imagine it as a bow and arrow, shooting my dreams forward through the house its pointing.
And my moon being in capricorn makes me want some serious things in life so i suppose ill give myself what i need. My problem lately stems from being so different from those around me , but learning to harness the power of Gratitude is really pushing me foward. I guess its alright if saturn is all up on my ascendant, cuz that means i have a desire to be taken seriously and through my work, which will be pretty out there, aka uranus in the first house, im going to be needing to be taken seriously.

best wishes to you all


And i will definitely check out that book. I really appreciate the advice and its good to know that this is a tranformational time. I could almost see it happening in the future as a teenager, something explosive after i graduated college. Maybe neptune on my moon makes me more psychic.