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Sebastien Cheritte

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according to this website, 'the hemisphere' plays a specific and important role in identifying the 'way' one expresses or rather, employs energies.

It implies that charts heavily loaded on the western hemisphere tend to be more dependent, whereas on the east, one might start all activities, and to start things it often requires ambition and motivation, which now contradicts my own personal Western-orientated chart.

What is your opinion of this theory?
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very similar and correct....

Hemispheres and quadrants
The Western Hemisphere
It is the world of other people and of relationships. The native needs fellow creatures in order to reach harmony. He pays much attention, sometimes too much, to other people's views. A prominent Western hemisphere inclines towards extraversion and sociability.

If you intend to learn about astrology, you will need to begin with a natal chart, it need not necessarily be your own, but many choose to begin this way, in an effort to better understand their own life journey, and purpose. Astrological natal charts are as individual as a persons ‘fingerprints’ depending on where (latitude & longitude) and time of birth.It is important to get your *time of your birth* as this is the most important information.

Here are my personal recommend beginners links to focus upon Natal charts:-
I hope that you come here and want to learn about astrology and join in with exchanges. There ever expanding Education forum here and lots more to explore.

dr. farr

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There are similar theories relative to north and south hemispheres as well; actually the east/west concepts are similar (in a way) to the ancient doctrines relative to occidentality/orientality (using the Sun as the determining point) which played an important delineative role with the ancients.
My own outlook on these theories/concepts? There is something to them, but just how much, just how important, I myself cannot offer a valid (experience based) opinion. I simply have not given this matter attention in actual practice.
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