Delay in Marriage from Two years....Please Help


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Namaste All,

My age is 28yrs, female. My date of birth is JANUARY 29TH 1993, 00:08 AM, Place of birth is NUZVID, ANDHRA PRADESH. My parents are looking alliance for me but nothing is getting fixed, even few have been fixed but in last minute they were cancelled.
My parents are aged and they have health issues and i have a sister who has to get married after me. Please help me and let me know when i will get married. I am not seeing any hope. Will i get married this year or please tell me when my marriage will take place.

Thank you for taking time to look into my issue.
Will be waiting for your answers.


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The navamsha Moon is in the same sign in which Saturn is placed in the birth chart. Therefore delay in marriage is expected.
You are in Venus major-period. It is the owner of the lagna and it is exalted. It occupies the seventh house in the navamsha chart. Venus is conjunct Moon in the birth chart and in sambandh with it in the navamsha chart. The Moon and Venus are inimical. So there are obstructions in marriage.
She is likely to marry in her 30th year of age.


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Late marriage is indicated but it will be fairly happy one , 2nd lord of family 7th lord of partner is retro this gives troubles in fixing partners. rahu in 2nd also delaying . malefic in 2nd house gives troubles in settling in life . indeed you marry sure . but before that you have to undergo one loss , after one sudden loss your life changes . you settle in foreign land spouse may be connected with business or govt . you even work in another state . venus is aspected by sat rahu so you have your own mind in marriage even possible of love issues too. will have independent views reg partner and stubborn nature too . currently running venus dasa who is 1st and 8th lord so it will give sudden changes in physical and mental . health gets often ill though you get material pleasures but happiness from spouse is low . spouse will have quarrelsome rough attitude . often travels always away from home . but watever it is marriage wont break . since mars is retro your sister life is troublesome she will depend you in later part of her life . though there will be some misunderstandings occasional quarrels she attached with you will turn over you for help . you too get help from her . but her life is not that much good comparing to you . she too lives far away . but if anything need she comes first . take care mom health current venus dasa is not good for her . im just underlining hope you understand inner meaning . very much care should be taken .

marriage should happen in 2023 - 24 . max 2023 is my guess . spouse comes from another state involved in commercial works . business or financial corp . moderately wealthy .


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Above prediction is applies to 00:18 AM too . only few months difference but it doesn't matter much . but whatever i said is right .