Dejanira conjunct Ascendant - Natal


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I have Dejanira conjunct my Aquarius Ascendant in my birth chart, (tight conjunction - 1 degree)
Dejanira falls in my 12th H, also in Aquarius.

What does this aspect mean in astrology?


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It pretty much means you are a strong target for victimization. You don't have to do anything all to deserve the aggression. I also have Dejanira conjunct Ascendant, 3 degrees Aquarius. Hopefully you have Nessus somewhere helpful that will allow you to fight back... Sort of like the hunter becomes the hunted aspect.


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What you said was accurate! I used to get bullied a lot especially back in school (Elementary, Middle and High school).

I have Nessus in Scorpio in the 9th House (Placidus), 10th House (House Equal and Whole Sign).
These are the aspects:
- Nessus square Mars
- Nessus sextile Uranus, Neptune and Chiron.

Usually when someone attacks me I don't do anything immediately, I just wait for the right moment to attack back and make sure the other person will regret anything he/she did.
I also have my stellium in Scorpio conjunct the MC, so I don't mind waiting.
And the very interesting part is that every time they get what they deserve, they would always try to become my friends.