Defy aging? Which sign aspects look the youngest?


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those with Gemini and Virgo can typically be youthful as well as a good Mercury aspecting the ascendant and having basic good genes and health of course. Venus well aspected can give a great complexion and those with Taurus and Libra influences. The typical ageing effects are too much sun, alcohol and nicotine. Bad diet and too little hydration. Many factors.


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I've got the opposite, Capricorn Ascendant with Saturn and Neptune conjunct, makes you look older than you are. At least for me it does.


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I am 31 and most people think I'm around 25. I know that's not a huge difference, but it's a big enough difference for me! :) Most people are shocked when I tell them my age. I also have a very energetic and playful personality so I think that aids to it.

I've read that Cap rising causes you to look younger as you age.. or maybe just stop aging would be the best way to put it. I have a Cap ASC and Venus (in my 1st house). I also have a lot of Libra in my chart (dominant sign).

Everyone keeps mentioning Gemini.. perhaps it's my Moon then?
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If any sign and planet has to do with reverse ageing, it has to be Capricorn and Saturn..

Saturn blesses the native with looks far younger than the actual age - maybe some reward/compensation for the trails and tests that he puts on the chart owner..

I look atleast a decade younger than my age - Sun in Capricorn, Saturn in Gemini, Cancer Ascendant, Piscean Moon, Venus in Aquarius (traditionally even Aquarius is ruled by Saturn)..


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Magickally, earth element rules the aging process, people can absorb earth energy to help stop aging :V

I'm going with earth signs+ mercury involvements


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I'm in the minority here, but as I'm told often that I look young for my age... I'll go with Capricorn asc.
It's not just that I'm told I look younger now (27) but when I was 13 I was told I looked a lot older.... I've actually read somewherer that capricorns look older when they're young and look younger when they grow old. y'know, in the same the way wine maturing makes it more better/tasty?
I think the "mechanism" behind it, so to speak, is that capricorn, and saturn-related aspects, are very durable and have this sustainable ability to them that prevents them from burning out very fast and show life's turmoils on their faces. Capricorn is also related to skin so a postive aspect to the ascendant will make you glow :) On the other hand, since we are talking about saturn, the ruler of time, it could also appear very old.... maybe it depends on aspects to it as well. I've got sun sextile the asc and pluto trines it (albeit in a wider orb)

Other things in a chart that could mean aging well:
- a gemini ascendant=fountain of youth
- aries and leo ascendant= aries is the baby of astrology, filled with vigor vitality and leo relates to the heart so maybe that encourages a healthier condition, which in turn, helps with a youthful appearance
- virgo sun, moon well aspected to mercury and any good aspects to the 6th house= excellent diet regime and health

I know this is an old thread but your post is too funny. I'm exactly like you. When I was 13 I went on the bus to buy a concession ticket and the bus driver called me a liar and made me pay full price, said I looked 20. I was so angry, till this day. Now I'm 27 like you and I get my ID checked when I go and buy cigarette and everyone thinks im underage. New people at work called me boy, I told them I'm 27, their mouths drop. Then I get hit on by 18 year old girls. lol:lol:. I'm a leo rising, sun venus Neptune stellium in Capricorn and a virgo moon. Also Saturn trine asc.
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I always look at what aspects are being made to the ascendant (first impressions) . I have also noticed that hard aspects to Mercury can make someone appear very child like and curious.
Mercury is the well known factor here, as in Mythology Hermes was a trickster, a real child at heart, but he was a little contrived.
It's that agile, springy mind the Gemini/Virgo traits are typical yes but also Mars plays a significant factor - someone that does not want to grow up. Mars rules first house, first house is the child, what we experience, how we first interact with the world around us.. Following the zodiac circle, seeing which planets are placed where. Sun in Mercurial houses , double whammy etc..
Someone with a Ascendant conjunct Mercury in Aries for example would perhaps come across very infantile and reckless in their approach , Whereas Sagi would show more imprudence.


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In regards to Saturn - people with strong Saturn often get better with age. (i.e youth does not do justice). It is often surprising the turn around in someone's appearance with Saturn/Venus or Saturn anything for that matter- Like wow! Age suits you, like a fine wine.


I have Libra Juno tightly conjunct Libra Pluto in 1st house... but I don't think this contributes to me looking younger. I think Juno tells you what sort of partner/spouse you'd get but nothing about you or how you look. Juno is an asteroid and not a planet so anything other than conjunction to a planet probably wouldn't be strong enough to make a difference.
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I'm 72 years old.

I sure as hell don't defy aging. I accept it. Oh well.

I'm waiting for my picture to appear on the cover of Bodybuilder magazine.

Vanity of vanities; all is vanity.
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According to this: Notes.htm

"When virgo sign is on ascendant and gemini on mc , that can be indicative of someone who
is unusually young-looking for their age".

My sister has this combination, she's 40 and looks 25 ... we hang out together, people can't tell the age difference, sometimes people say she's younger than our 25-28 year old friends.

An aunt of mine who is 43 looks 26-29 ...

it's crazeeeee

I forgot to add that both, my sister and aunt are health freaks, they don't eat junk food and they exercise a lot, maybe that helps.

I have gemini ascendant, I am 23, I look my age for now, I hope I will be as lucky as they are when I'm older.

Birch Dragon

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It's only vanity in a culture that values looking young.
I blame boy bands.
Myself, I have to admit I still see my seemingly eternal youthful look as a blessing and wouldn't want to give it up. But it's worked for me a lot less since I moved into the adult work world. As a professor I'm supposed to convey some kind of authority when I step into a class room. Both the students and the staff I'm surrounded by have spend lifetimes absorbing cultural standards that say intellectual authority is supposed to look aged, or, at least weedy and nerdy.
I look like neither. I have to radically alter my identity, keeping a beard and a tie every day, to distinguish myself from the students.

Virgo rising with Aries sun/moon/Venus. Peter Pan.
But then, my whole family looks young, and I think I'm the only one with Virgo rising...


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My aunt is turning 61 in a few days, and she looks 35-40. Her skin is just incredible (no lines, no wrinkles...and no cosmetic surgery or anything)! She is a Virgo sun/Pisces moon/Aries rising.

My mom is 62 and she looks like she's in her early 50s. She is very energetic and is always moving around. She says she feels 40. She is a Leo sun/Cap moon/Cancer rising w/ Merc in h1.

I'm a Gem sun, and I think that I look younger than 22. :tongue:

So perhaps it is a mercurial influence!
I'm a Virgo sun, Pisces Moon and Aries Rising also! Omg
I think Gemini Rising, for sure.
I know plenty of virgos who look older actually.

I look younger and hear it often. However, I think it also has to do with my efforts. I take anti-aging very seriously - probably mostly because of my Leo sun. I also prefer to look more innocent than sexy. All of my planets except Jupiter aspect my ascendant. (taurus moon opp asc by 20 mins and leo sq asc by 1 minute)
i have my chart ruler in my 12th so i think this could be why i like to keep a "harder" appearance hidden.

The virgos you met probably had their rising in Capricorn or Aquarius