Decisions during Mercury Rx


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What is everyone's opinion on making important decisions during Mercury Rx? I'm a bit of a skeptic during this time, but it appears that I will be likely burdened with making a decision regarding a job opportunity during this time. I have a feeling the offer will be coming tomorrow, on the day Mercury turns retrograde.

I'm looking at it from the perspective of reviewing my current employment situation and weighing it against the new one. But I can't help but wonder if people often make poor decisions when Mercury is retrograde? Is this a common theme or a basic misconception? Is it possible to not regret your decision once Mercury turns direct?

Anyone care to share personal experiences? Thanks!


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There are some decisions you can't put off for weeks....but for appointments to let's say, get work done on your house, have minor surgery, go to the dentist, begin working out in a gym, signing new contracts, - there are a lot of things you can put off.

Some things just happen during Merc or Venus or Mars retrogrades and you have to respond to them by taking an action. But when there is a choice, I avoid "new" things or beginning projects.


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My husband has Mercury retro, natally. And he has a pattern of getting new work contracts during the Mercury Retro cycle. We just laugh at it now.

I have watched this pattern closely over the years, and I no longer agree that signing something or accepting a job during Retro Mercury means it will not go well.

In fact, it is sometimes the Merc Retrograde that triggers the need for hiring a new employee or buying a new car.