death of a child solar return


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Greetings fellow astrologers,

I'm a novice in this area of astrology. A dear friend is in tears with fear, anxiety and melancholy. Her child recently was diagnosed with severe tonsillitis which will need surgery.

She did a SR chart on him and looks quite disturbing? However, I'm not an expert but several aspects and house overlays jump out to me that maybe there's a chance of danger in surgery or an accident to the child?

Any input, knowledge or advice on this chart would be greatly appreciated. I've exhausted myself in every search engine in research into this matter. I can't come to any positive conclusion for this chart.


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Hello Drummergirl,

I don't see death of a child in the chart of the solar return 2017 or 2018 or 2019. So be lucky! Have patience. 2017 will be a good year for her, altogether holinessfilled and lucky forever. And 2018 will be good, too. And 2019 too.


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Dear Luna,

Thank you very much for your response and comforting words. However..I'd like to make very clear this is NOT the mothers SR chart I've placed for review-this is the child's. So if this is your expert opinion? Thank you and many blessings to you!


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You cannot read death transparently off the 8th house of a solar return chart. Hopefully the child will have the surgery soon. Tonsillitis is very common, but death from it is not.


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Worry none, the surgery will be successful. Mercury/mars in 8th is an indication that the surgery is to take place not an indication of death.