Daughter just born - Sun/Venus conjunct MC


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My daughter was just born on Saturday and I noticed she has her Sun exactly conjunct her MC - but also Venus Rx conjunct as well. She has a t-square with her moon/mars opposition.

At first when I saw her chart with the Virgo rising and Virgo moon in the 12th, I thought perhaps she would be shy and a little reserved. But now I wonder if with the Sun directly on her MC she will actually have a big personality.

Her older sister has Mars/Jupiter conjunct her MC and you can really see Mars in her personality shine, even through all of her earth! I am hoping this one is a little more laid back than her fiesty sister, but I am not too sure now!

Chart attached for reference.


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I feel she will be achievement orientated and very conscious of her image, reputation. She may be seen as very clever with virgo moon, virgo asc, sun Gemini.