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I just had a natal reading done by Marina at Darkstar Astrology.

I felt it was very well done and I learned a lot. She confirmed a lot of my findings about my chart while bringing in new insight as well. She's really good!

She provided Koch charts and an MP3 of her reading. I liked the fact that it wasn't written out and so felt like a more personal reading. I'd say she's a modern astrologer but she did include elements of traditional astrology which was great as I appreciate any insight and it was very well tied together.

The reading wasn't inexpensive at $149, but then it wasn't expensive either. I felt the rate fair and, considering what I received, I would have paid more.

The reason I decided to go with Darkstar was that I received a tip that she'll analyze Yods. Also, I came to find out that she's versed in Huber astrology and will take a look at aspect patterns in the scope. So I figured that I'd have her try and analyze my Pandora Box. She did a fantastic job breaking it down! She gave me new ideas of how to visualize the box and which areas are weak in it and which are strong. It turns out she has a Yod herself.

Also, she ties in a lot of Fixed Stars in her reading. It gave me a deeper understanding of my scope with this layer added. I've done some research into it this before, but for some reason this time it clicked better and I was able to see it on another level. Another dimension.

Then she discussed upcoming transits and went into progressions. She revealed a couple of upcoming things that were seriously helpful and something that I hadn't looked into yet! It was such a pleasant surprise and brought so much joy and hope to my situation.

I really couldn't have been happier with the reading. Marina is excellent and knows her stuff. I certainly recommend her!

If anyone wants particulars on the reading feel free to PM me.


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DITTO! Marina REALLY knows her stuff!!! :love: :love: :love:

I got a Dark Goddess reading from her years ago. (She has changed and added to it since then and it is now called a Dark Moon reading.) She helped uncover so many things in my chart that were baffling me, it was like being told the truth about yourself for the first time (and it felt so true it didn't come as a surprise at all).

I also have gotten the Solar Return reading from the past two years. SO INCREDIBLY ACCURATE! The fixed stars really speak to her and she knows how to blend the symbols together to read the possible outcomes.

The only advice I would give is to listen to her readings more than once. Listen to it when you first get it, then wait a few months and listen again, and etc., if you are anything like me you will KEEP GETTING new information out of it every time you listen.


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The fixed stars really speak to her and she knows how to blend the symbols together to read the possible outcomes.

I agree with this and it just opened up my scope so much more! Very cool. She also uses decans and I found that, along with the Fixed Stars, it helped her pinpoint things quite a bit.

Simply loved it!

She tackled many elements of my natal chart, not just the Yods/Pandora. She also talked about Lilith and the Nodes for example.
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I did a reading with Marina maybe two years ago. Jamie, her partner, also provided his input via e-mail afterwards.

They definitely know what they are talking about.


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lol interesting to see this thread, I also had recent reading done by her. I specifically ask her to use her method in fixed stars as that is the part that I am most struggling with.

She had confirmed all my readings, she talked a lot about of my past life. She is great with her predictions also.


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When she also talked about my Sun square Ceres, Chiron aspects, also other asteroids in my natal, she had described a person that I known of myself but no one else was able to describe based on popular commonly used astrology.

She had broaden my horizon in my self awareness and study of astrology. She is a great example of using both traditional and modern astrology methods to achieve the best of both harmonically. I think that is also my style of astrology.