D H Lawrence


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Married a foreigner: 7yth ruler conjunct 9th ruler.
Left England for good with wife to tour the world during Moon firdaria.Moon is cadent in house of exile and rules 9th.
He is said to have dreaded women( Moon square Mars)
Got Tuberculosis in México(saturn in 9th in detrimento,Mars in fall)
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got Tuberculosis in 1925 as Saturn entered obscure phase (houses 1 to 4)
It was the worst period .His book Lady Chaterley was banned in US/Uk and died in 1930 whilst in obscure zone,
left England 1919-jupiter in 9th Saturn MC


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His ideas, attitude, values toward women and pleasure of having sex with women are quite interesting.

Lawrence was one of the most controversial writers of the twentieth century who believed in the concept that man should bring his instinct into balance with his intellect. His explicit treatment of sexual fulfillment led to over three decades of censorship and ultimately to the Supreme Court.

In later years he felt that women's sexuality sapped all his spiritual strength and envisioned an ideal sexuality as homosexual, which he did not himself practice...

...After his death Frieda wrote "In his heart of hearts, I think he always dreaded women, felt that they were in the end more powerful than men."
His Moon and Venus both in Libra therefore ruled by Venus both placed in 12th house 12th sign in the ruler of Venus in her own home tightly square by Mars in Cancer of his fall in the unit of 4 and 5 orbs perfected through progressions and solar arc from 9th house of philosophy, higher intellectual/mind understanding. Saturn is also in detriment in Cancer. Mars is the ruler of the ascendant, essential is Him as a being. Which he donated his entire life, with that values through his writing, sexuality, especially connection with the Supreme Court.

The couple led a peripatetic life through France, Italy , Sri Lanka, Australia, California and Mexico, where Lawrence was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1925. Seeking a suitable climate for his increasingly poor health, they rented a home in Taos, New Mexico and finally to the French Riviera in 1927 where, after medical treatment, it was concurred that his condition was grave. Despite his illness, Lawrence wrote voraciously during these years, introducing Freudian theory into the modern novel and especially writing openly about sexual passion and its necessary and explicit incorporation into human expression.
Over the years, the more he traveled 9th house, the more he wrote about his erratic views, the more physically ill he becoming. See also Saturn in Fall is his 3rd house lord, writing, 9th house publishing.

Venus is in 12th of her own domicile as the ruler of the 8th at the very last malefic degree of Taurus cusp of 8th house, operating from the 12th. His 5th house another house of sexual matter, ruled by Jupiter in Virgo again detrimental, also combusted. A man who was highly likely to be sexually impotence particular toward women. Ascendant, 5th, 8th, Mars in Cancer, Venus in 12th conjoined and ruled the 12th house Moon. Venus in 12th also ruled his marriage life. While I mentioned about his own very unusual value, 2nd house containing intercepted Sagittarius, detrimental Jupiter, in the house of ideal/wishing thoughts 11th house. And Mars in fall is the 2nd house cusp ruler placed in 9th his own faith spiritual strength 9th, may including 12th connection to 8th.