curses,spells or energy attacks on me


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Hi ! I don't understand what's happen.:unsure: Since the earlier January this year I feel all he time anxious,restless, I feel very strange. I have every night premonitory dreams. And,the worse thing is that nothing goes for me regarding my career. I feel strange energies. This is for the first time in my live. Please, i delineate a horary chart with the question- ARE CURSES, SPELLS OR ENERGY ATTACKS ON ME AND WHO COULD DO THAT TO ME? I asked that question on February,10th,2012 at 15:50 [UT+0] ,from Iasi, Romania. {Deleted by moderator} I delineate the chart in equal system. In H12 THERE IS NO PLANET. In the first house there IS Mars retrograde. And both houses are in the same sign- Leo. The same dispositors. I saw that the Ascendant makes conjunction with the royal star Regulus. But I ALSO HAD BIG FINANCIAL LOSS. I really can't handle with the chart. Please, help me! Thank you in anticipate!:kissing:


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