Curious about my chart


Hello, new to astrology and wanted to ask about my chart.

Curious about what my chart says about any strengths / weaknesses / pitfalls / best life path, etc, hoping to learn more about my chart and astro in general.

Any insight / feedback is greatly appreciated :)



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A "blind" chart reading is hard to do without knowing anything about you personally, but in a general way:

Sun in Aries normally gives the person a lot of independence and energy. The squares from Mars, Uranus, and Neptune around your 7th house cusp can have several different manifestations. You may feel yourself under a lot of pressure to act out and be different from everyone else. Or, you may experience enemies as chaotic and agressive. The best use would probably be to get involved in some kind of partner-based athletic activity, like tennis, where you can smash a ball at an opponent. The worst use would be to try to hide your natural Arian identity in the hope of avoiding criticism.

So I am curious as to how this plays out for you.

A Virgo moon usually makes for a perfectionist in some area of life; as well as a desire to improve both yourself and the people around you.

With Gemini rising, you probably come across to others as a good conversationalist and an information sponge.

I think your strongest planet is your domiciled* Jupiter conjunct your MC, or career point. If you settle on a career path, you will probably do very well at it. Jupiter rules fields mind-expanding fields like higher education, philosophy, theology, publishing, and anything to do with overseas travel. (*domiciled: in the sign it rules. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces.)

If you can say a bit more about yourself, we can say a bit more about your chart. Every planet, sign, and house has multiple meanings, and it can be tricky to choose the right ones.