curious about my birthday's chart

hello everydoby , i am lisa and i am french so please forgive me for my bad english, i know that you should have a lot of people who ask for an interpretation, but if someone could tell me what they think about mine , that would be nice ! all i can tell is that i am like really imaginative girl and i would like to know for example if its like " write " on my chart ... thanks :)


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You have neptune in 9th house, which rules international affairs, publications, politics, higher philosophies, higher educacional and law matters. Neptune is the planet os the fantasy (for the bad and for the good) and imagination, so I think you have a natural talent to write about these subjects.

In addition, your 9th house ruler, jupiter, is in pisces (naturally ruled by neptune) and in the 12th house, which implies you could write about pisces related themes, like spirituality, fantasy or sci-fi.

By the way, we should remember that you have mars in 9th house, conjunct the MC, and that mars is your 12th house co-ruler. I think this configuration weaks (in a good way) the neptunian ethereal influence and helps you to be more action-oriented and realist in your goals and in your writing.

With your MC in Capricorn, in conjunction with mars, you could suffer some disruptions in your career because of martian influence, but nothing you can't handle, since you seem to be very tenacious.
thank you very much for your answer , that's really funny, because i love write storys really, that's my passion !! Sorry for the bad chart i posted, nothing is reallt clear on it , because neptune is actually on my 10th house , will try to post another one .


Your new chart is a lot better than the previous one.

Neptune conjunct MC gives you an artistry personality and a capacity of recognize and respond society's necessities and demands. In other hand, could mean you are a bit lost in your career coice, always expecting too much and becoming disappointed when reality reaches you.

Neptune in MC may also be a sign of psychic abilities.
that's really strange to see how a natal chart speak about ourself, i was like lost in my studies i didnt know what i should do or what type of work i should choose, that's better now , but yes you re right:) im thinking that the thing you describe about neptune's consequences was really exeptionnal when i was a child i was like in another world , in my imagination ...


hi lisa

your moon is conjunct he north node and square to mercury.
this shows you to be extremely intuitive and emotional. with mercury square you are extremely intelligent and this is why you are such a good writer. with moon on the node and mercury square the node gives the ability to communicate your emotions accurately and it give significant psychic abilities.

you have venus square to Uranus. this gives you a very attractive emotional and physical presence. it shows you relationships/love affairs start suddenly and are intensely electric. but this aspect is very difficult for a longterm relationship because the intensity is sometimes too great to sustain amid the routines of a long-term relationship.
this aspect also shows that you tend to fall out of love just as quickly as love comes to you.
there are some emotional complications though. the midpoint of this square is conjunct to pluto. this can show there are childhood experiences of a dark nature that make it difficult for you to respond to the attractive emotional vibration you emanate .it may be you don't like compliments because of this dynamic
with the sun exactly square to pluto, it is likely that you lived in an abusive environment as a child.
as you said you lived in your own world as a child, this aspect suggest that as a child you created your "own world" to escape the emotional difficulties in your childhood environment.

also venus square to Uranus often show that women as well as men are strongly attracted to you. with your pluto/sun square ,you may be attracted to women also.

your venus is at 18virg9 oppose to Jupiter at 22pisce29 and square uranus at 18sag44 .

when the south node transited your Jupiter on feb 3, your professional/vocational field may have expanded, but as it is in the 12thhouse, you may have had problems with superiors or authority figure. but it overall shows opportunities for advancement and gain. this position often shows work in health related fields, though it can show financial corporate involvement as well.
it could show a breakup of a relationship or job as jupiter is opposed to venus, venus's position suggestion you like to work at home.

the north node will square your Uranus on may 23 and conjunct you venus on may 26.
the Uranus square will likely give creative impulse and you may have psychic incidents as this transit shows the astral plane will open into your consciousness. this could include vivid dream or prophetic dreams. but either way you will be very attractive and emotional as the node approaches conjunction with your venus on the 26th. this period shows you will be very social and there wll be many people trying to get close to you. of course, as I have said, you pluto/sun square may tamper the excitement this aspect usually brings.

overall there is an image of old relationships falling away and new relationship or opportunities opening up.

when the node is conjunct to venus on may26 your aura will be expanded and every one around you will "feel" you presence before you appear. it is a magical time, as strange coincidence may actually make you path and life clearer.

with the sun/pluto square, this transit may affect you differently that is usual and you might feel extreme sadness in the middle of much joy. actually this is how you are ,when other think you are being spontaneous and excited, inside you can be emotional withdraw and watching other reaction to you.

Hi thanks both for your answers, i dont know what to say ...
"it may be you don't like compliments because of this dynamic " , You just get it , that's the truth . And youre right for all the others things .that really surprised me .. not easy to understand how it works , how it shows things like that ... wish i will able to finish some storys i began few time ago ... im like doing many things in the same time interrested in all the things i see .... thanks you another time to take time to answer to me :)