CUBA - a country in crisis


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Cuba: Communists Issue ‘Order of Combat’ Against Peaceful Protesters

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, the face of the Castro communist regime, announced an “order of combat” on Sunday against peaceful pro-democracy protesters, urging communist civilians to assault them.

Thousands of Cubans nationwide, in at least 20 municipalities including Havana and Santiago de Cuba, flooded the streets of the country on Sunday in peaceful protests demanding an end to the 62-year-old communist regime. With chants of “freedom!” and some wearing or waving American flags, the protesters attracted outsized police violence.


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The world doesn't know what is happening to the protesters in Cuba. Are they being executed & killed like the protesters in Tinnamen Square?

The Commie gov't have shut down all internet use so no reporting.

Mike Pompeo placed Cuba on the list as state-sponsored terrorist country after Obama removed them.

The US has placed Cuba back on a list of state sponsors of terrorism, citing the communist country's backing of Venezuela.

President Donald Trump's administration made the announcement just days before he leaves the White House.

The people are oppressed, they want FREEDOM. What will happen to them?

Cuban Government Uses Chinese Tech Systems To Block Internet Access

The Cuban government is relying upon Chinese-made technology to block internet access during the nation’s largest ant-communism protest in decades.

Yesterday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) confirmed on social media that the Cuban government uses a system made, sold, and installed by China to “control and block access to the internet.”


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Please pray for the Cuban people; they have suffered terribly under the Communist regime.

They are starving & they are desperate to gain their liberty from the tyrannical gov't.

Thousands of Cubans protest against the communist government: 'We are no longer afraid'


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NEW - Biden admin threatens that any refugee from Cuba fleeing the communist regime and trying to reach the U.S. will be turned away.

WHY would they do this? They allow MS-13 gangstas into the country from Mexico & give them free housing & money. They allow drug & child-sex traffickers into the country & give them free housing, free flights across the country & lots of money.

Yet, they won't allow law-abiding Cubans fleeing a Communist regime to enter the country & will turn them away.

Alejandro Mayorkas gave a press conference to tell the Cubans they have to stay & be killed or starve & they are not welcome. What a pig. A complete hypocrite. Another Dem SICKO!

Take a wild guess where this ******* was born.

Havana, Cuba

Now guess how he got to the US.

His parents brought him here when they fled the Communist Revolution in 1960.

Rules for me, but not for thee.


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Complete media shut down by the Commie Regime in Cuba so the outside world doesn't know what is going on.

Are they executing the protesters?

How many have they murdered?


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Will Biden also allow many Haitians fleeing political turmoil after the assassination of president Molse? To favor only Mexicans, Syrians or Hong Kong Chinese refugees, but to turn away Cubans, Haitians and Venezuelans from the chaotic Maduro regime is a bad policy of pick and choose. We may have many Afghani and Libyan refugees later on, but there's a large Cuban post 1960 exile community in Miami, Dade and south FL who won't like this and will demand Biden to change his mind.