critical degrees


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Does anyone have a definition of these critical degrees?

- aries 0 degree

- virgo 17 degree

- sagittarius 17 degree



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The other (4) critical degrees worth mentioning and some of us might have them in our horoscopes and star or birth charts:

15' Taurus (May 5, esp. The all inner planet stellium on that date in the pivotal year 2000, and the similar pattern 5-true (inner) planet plus Taurus Sun conjunction on 5/5/19-55).

15' Leo (the degree of the Sun, Leo's ruler, not a planet but our closest star though, and is halfway close to the following sign Virgo in August).

15' Scorpio (US presidential election day happens to fall around the week the sun is in or near that degree, after the previous week of samhain/ Halloween/All Saints and Souls days).

And 15' Aquarius (notice the pattern these 4 signs are in the fixed group and Leo like Aries and Sagittarius in the post above is of the fire group).

A total of 7 critical degrees and their planetary rulers: Aries of Mars, Taurus of Venus, Virgo of Mercury, Sagittarius of Jupiter, Aquarius of Saturn, and Scorpio itself would have a degree to be of the Moon, Scorpio is a feminine sign and our natural satellite "Luna" is regarded to be feminine in astrology.