Cricket Predictions USING Sports astrology

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You are amazing and I really like your detailed analysis!!.

Keep Rocking!!

Could you please give some insignts about Low scoring and High scoring games?

Thanks sandeep 😆😆

However I haven't found any way which suggest it wil high scoring or low scoring , in future I will try it!!!!


K bro, mr is dsc and ss will give 175+ target, mr wilk loose early wickets and then win. QUOTE=astroinfinite;937450]yes bro, i took ss as dsc[/QUOTE]


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Re: Sports astrology

Cricket and other sports
Currently, we are testing only 1) toss 2) win/loss.
yet to invent new methods to decide
1) first batting/fielding
2) team scores
3) key person (man of the match)
4) century
4) declaration (test match) etc.
Request to test the current methods, and find/invent new methods without regard to success/failure.
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