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What do you do creativity-wise?

You may list astrological aspects/placements as well if you like.

I have recently started learning to play guitar. I also write poetry as well as journal write.

A recent poem of mine:

The Edge

Sleeping steady under stars
Dew stained grass refreshes your free
Oh the earth we did
With its treacherous
rains, and fires a blaze.
Its torturous heat
and foggy haze.
Its radiant light
its deeper than dark.
And, aren't we all
lucky we don't blow
Its beauty in death
and miracle of birth.
To sleep under stars
on the edge of the earth.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.


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AHA! I was just looking for a place to post this, but nice to come to read your poem when I got here

I started guitar like a year n a half ago now..I still only know maybe 7-8 chords, but I can play the guitar! msg me!
I wish I could bad I have so many cool ideas for paintings I just sketch the ideas incase I ever become a good painter....;) but I will upload what I am painting right now on my wall

death is nothing..but proof that you know whats real.
Whats real is you prove to God you know nothing will hold you back from him. if you cry at my death...then you cry for nothing I believe in.. Because I dont believe we will be apart, if anything cry because

I might not be able to sit on some soft itchy grass..
and dream of maybe...maybe dream of what its like to be a cloud floating in a sky I really dont know anything about,
but deep as its blue at times.. the sunset colors might show.
And the times when the stars, the spaces....and all that is sharing moments in this goes on,
but what about dreams?
these things we have been told to never loose sight of, to always believe in, our dreams are who we are, we all have dreams

end of poem---------
thoughts below

Notice how you strive to become an angel, but who is this angel in your dreams? Have you ever stolen, played a cheat or hurt like you do in

Are you aware you are able to dream dreams all day long...of the things you want...but instead we get wrapped up in what? What is not a dream, go to your dreams; and dream of the world in peace, dream of exaclty how you the star, make everything happen from any kind of silly way... I thought about selling "friendship" socks, and my idea was its like the broken heart necklace you give one sock to your friend, cause everyone says something to me when I wear different socks but its cause my life is crazy! But then you can say its cause my bestfriend has it...haha its any idea, but ALL money will go back to the world, I dont want anything, just a clean Earth for my family and my sisters children and my familys children.

We dream awake, we dream asleep, we can control the dream being awake..make it a good one...
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a bunch of unfinished stuff which is all I do! haha

this is my first time painting, I got mad and got crazy with my
just trying to figure it out I guess...Its all a mess but hey its fun:sideways:

just dont zoom in on anything! HAHA

right now I am going crazy with this child, prob going to start over :lol:


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thanks I return with more!

The Last of the Free Thinkers!

The day the last one was to fall; in the skies shot the ones soul back, and divided into twelve people The Spirit flowed, for The Spirit was already of this place; just as you may put your finger in a stream, this is where the last of the Free Thinkers stand; for you do not get a stream from a Man, but a Man is placed near a stream after it has been placed, and after the hills which fit together, and the skies and the stars, the Sun and the Moon..all the spaces between!

The dark one search all his days for the true twelve which The Spirit flowed; here to at a stream you may find the dark one, he too was once placed in bare beauty. He cannot know the ways of The Spirit; because he has not seen them, he has not walked them; but he will see The Last of the Free Thinkers! For once he destory the twelve, he will see The Spirit not only left in the blink of an eye and cast his soul unto 12 signs, but he also was born in Blood; The dark one was unaware of how far The Spirit Love reach, he was unaware of the paths it took;

For he will see that here left is the Last of the Free Thinkers, and by his own laws he will be driven out of his own place, he will be chased down by the people he created, he will search for a way to leave his mark that others may find, the rules he created.

The Last of the Free Thinkers must be destroyed

this is the way of The Spirit.