Create a bumbersticker for your moon sign


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I have Moon in Taurus and in the 3rd so:

Okay I know I am slow but I am eating chocolate.

Love yours Claire, as chocoholic I'd like that one on my car too. There are some very creative slogans here :happy:

I'm also Taurus Moon in 3rd and I'll go for these

"Cruz'n in comfort"
"Let me enjoy my day out"

I get teased over my love of comfort a lot :wink:


Aquarius Moon:

You must've mistaken me for someone who cares.

I love humanity. Honk if you don't qualify.

NASA Delivery. Do not delay.



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Moon in Aquarius/Sagitarius:
"Evolved being driving and contemplating the scenery.
Be patient while I remember you still behind".:cool:
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Aries Moon in 3rd:

"Horn And Finger Both Broken, Watch For Scrolling Marquee Full Of Creative Insults"

"If You Can Read This, Stop Reading Bumper Stickers And $*#@ing Drive"

"What Kind of 21st Century Doesn't Have Flying Cars?"

"Drive It Like You Cleverly Conned Someone Into Giving It To You"

"Bumper Stickers Are So Impersonal. Please Call This Number To Hear A Colorful, Individually-Tailored, Rage-Filled Critique Of Your Driving."
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I'm a Pisces moon, in the 7th. I think my bumbersticker should read:

"I'd rather be having sex."

Trust me, we Pisces moons are **** puppies, whether we want to amid that or not. It's that Piscean "need to merge" with another person. It's our ultimate escape from the world of harsh reality. Uh huh. :p

[mod edit - deleted swear word as per forum rules]

I agree with this. I am also a Pisces moon. It's true :devil:


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Moon in Leo:

Tailgate me. I love a good following.

My Leo asc :lol:'d over this!

Its what keeps me calm when someone's getting a little too close to my behind at 70mph. I think, ahhh, dont they just love me... :wink:
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gemini moon:

"the road? oh **** yes the road, sorry I was distracted talking to the wife and kids in the car while listening to the radio and calling my boss."

this is so cute....yes...quilty

;) first post for gemini moon I have seen so far...still trying to think of one myself for my gemini moon.....

gemini moon bumper sticker:

"Easily Bored"
"Easily Distracted ;)"
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Capricorn Moon


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