Crazy Encounter


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Crazy Encounte

So I met someone online a few weeks ago and blah blah blah blah...
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Still One -

I don't think I've ever seen your chart.

I think YOD's do attract crazy encounters. Mars Venus Neptune Pluto in your chart.
I'm not much today/right now in the mood for looking at relationship charts - but I would love to hear more from you - here or elsewhere, at some point - about what the Uranus transit to your MC was/has been likefor you.


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Interesting synastry, although Moons not compatible, but Suns and ASC and Venus fine so some contrast but overall smooth. Water houses triggered (your 8th and her 4th) so possible deeper connection.


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Part one: the natals

SO natal notes:

Big Green Star, just like you said. lol I rarely see these but I am in awe of them. Quincunxes fascinate me. I have a long history of them in synastry and in my natal as well. Annoying, but outrageously creative energy.

Your trigger points are Saturn/South Node, Venus/Neptune and Mars in Taurus, in 12th, 5th and 10th houses. First thing I have to say is that it is a good thing, in my opinion, that your Sun/Uranus conjunction is NOT a part of the big Green Star. I think that saves you from the most difficult side effects of Pandora’s box. In a way, you can stand aside and watch the craziness and weirdness and document it, as opposed to getting sucked into the rabbit hole. You can go visit the haunted house and take a rational unbiased view and make a journalists account of the situation without losing your head?

That Sun/Uranus is quite nice as a BS detector. You seem like you could really interview/interrogate people very well and truths are revealed quickly. Even without trying to or being seen doing so. People open up to you and reveal themselves and you take it all in.

Your Venus/Neptune is beautifully placed right inside the Jupiter/Pluto air trine. Again, psychic, intuitive radar system, picking up everything, quietly, without being invasive. A very sensitive, stealthy way of probing others?

The triple yod formation is fascinating to me. I have often seen that people with multiple yods often have this disparate group of odd skill sets and talents/interests that have no real connection to each other. And they often have a widely disparate, totally weird and varied group of friends. One good friend of mine with three yods, has 4 main interests. He is a concert violinist. a welder, and he loves Monster Truck rallies and Astrology. At his birthday parties it is a weird conglomeration of eclectic groups of friends and family.

New Friend:

She has a tight bundle, which funnels through her Cancer Moon in the 10th. She has a Water Grand Trine around that Moon, to Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. Not the easiest grouping for a Grand trine. Especially with the square from the Saturn/Pluto to the Sun/Juno in Aquarius in the 5th.

You met her in the 5th house essentially, since you met up to see if the 5th was a possibility for you two? So you would have been thrust into that square between Sat/Pluto to Sun/Juno. [ note to self—see what it aspects in SO’s natal…lol]

One thing I can say about Juno/Sun conjunctions. ‘When she is good, she is very very good, but when she is bad she is horrid….’ People with tight Sun/Juno conjunctions may sometimes identify themselves closely with their relationships. It is hard to have clear boundaries set sometimes with Sun/Juno partners.

[ I am just going through the charts quickly and pointing out what jumps out at me....:wink:]


SO has Sun/Uranus conjunction in Libra. I think he is very rational and logical when he tries to decide if he should consider dating someone . He may decide very quickly, but he does think things through and take many things into consideration because his life is complex. He is picky and gets annoyed easily. His Venus/Neptune makes him very sensitive so does not want to deal with negativity/drama in his relationships--no time for it.

His new friend is a funnel to Moon in Cancer. I think she is more emotive and impulsive, throwing caution to the wind. If it feels good it is good. She is just as intuitive and sensitive as he is, so it must have been quite a first meeting.

ok, on to the composite etc...

ETA---OH OH---just went to follow up on her Son/Juno square Saturn/Pluto, because i made a mental note to see if you had a natal hit to that square.....OUCH....

Your Mars @ 4 Taurus, makes an exact Tsquare to her natal square . I am worried
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Event chart:

Saturn in the 1st, squaring the nodes, and squaring the Moon/Neptune exact conjunction in the 3rd. Something very unusual, sensitive, paranormal? Did she tell you that she knew you from a past life?

Moon/Neptune= a refined sense of feeling, a peculiar disposition, strange notions, vivid dream experiences---instability, self deception...

Being squared by the Saturn in the 1st...? Did you tell her she was nuts? :whistling:

Or was she dead on the money and you fell in love?:love:
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So the composite is a bit confusing. The Venus/Uranus midpoint=Pallas/Sun/Mercury/Neptune.

That sensitive mess falls on the cusp of the 5th house. Did you have a vivid memory/dream/deja vu experience together? Was she convinced that you were an important character from her past incarnation? I think she wanted to take control of your combined experience and make it memorable.

You knew each other intimately before and it all flooded back to her when you met? The Mooon is @ 29 degrees Gemini. So I think your relationship was not all that long for the future but has a storied past…


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So now I finally looked at your transits and progressions and your 7th house is jam packed. And tr pluto is right on the Descendant, and her Moon.

You are planning to get married? :love: You felt so comfortable together because of all that intense Pallas/Juno/Sun/Mars stuff that you both decided to give it a go? Family on the way...?


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Hi Stillone:smile:

When you met with this lady friend did you click immediately?

Looking at the composite chart, the Lord of the relationship is in the 4th house- Sun. Seems like you felt very comfortable upon meeting with each other. Sun is great to have in the 4th house composite also.

Seems like there was/is alot of sexual chemistry too. Mars in 8th. And look at the composite square between pluto/venus. Sheesh. that is one tight square. Certainly going to play out your natal pluto 7th house transit here. To me, this looks like a dating scenario - fun and sex. If it is not romantically based, then there is a great deal of shared interests on very deep topics and a kind of respect for what the other person has to share.

Interesting that you met this person when mars was retrograde just like your natal mars!


Thanks everyone for your replies! All very good information. Thanks katydid for the extensive delineation! I figured I'd point out a couple of things and give this thread some time to build (if it does). :biggrin:

My natal:

Progressed Sun conjunct Natal Neptune
Transiting Uranus conjunct Prog Mars
Transiting Uranus has been opposing Natal Sun Ur conjunction (just leaving).

Her natal:

A couple of features that struck me as interesting after meeting her was:

Natal Neptune square Ascendant
Natal Jupiter conjunct Uranus square Mars.

She tried to kill you but then you had great make-up sex, settling the karma once and for all? :biggrin:
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In summary, I think you were madly attracted to each other for a moment, and you felt optimistic and kind of swept away---then you realized she was nuts, and she did not take it well when you tried to depart....:bandit:


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Ok here we go!

Or... maybe we don't.

Decided to pull the story since some people find it offending.
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Well-known member was a crazy encounter....and the charts did spell it out, we were just too blind to see it...:w00t:


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Oh oh, I kept saying you discovered 'she was NUTS...' Looks like I was right after all....:tongue:

ETA: I don't mean nuts because she was LGBT, I mean Nuts in the biological way only, as there were some...
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I try not to anticipate that stuff because it's crazy enough when it happens.

Uranus is the ultimate Donnie Darko message....

and then what happened?


hi StillOne

I have found that unusual sexual vibrations whether hetero of gay or other often have a chiron component. I can't make across the board generalizati9ns about Chiron sexuality but it often pops up in strange or unusual sexual situations.

in your composite the orcus/chiron midpoint is at 17gem15 which was squared by the transiting node on june 5. I would think around this date is when you first encounter each other on the net. the orcus/chiron quality fit what finally transpired.

and the composite mercury is at 16sag48 which was squared by the transiting node on june 13

the composite Neptune is at 16sag43 which was squared by the transiting node on june 14

the composite/ venus/Uranus midpoint is at 16sag33 which was squared by the transiting node on june 16. this transit definitely shows a electric connection.

so it seems the web that weaved ensnared your was formed about june 13 to june 16

I have found that mercury occasionally is associated with gay love but usually among very young men. and a strong Neptune is often found in gay men, usually with a strong pluto .here orcus, pluto's twin, was a contributing factor. it seems the conjunction of mercury and Neptune was the factor in your deception. venus/Uranus usually is a very attractive feminine vibration, but is also very attractive to women. so all and all the composite shows the surprising mix of sexual appetites that surrounded you.


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She excused herself and came back out in lingerie and sat on my lap! At which point I noticed that there was a bit much more than normal going on below the belt... as in "she" appeared to be quite a bit "more" than a woman there. At which point I confronted her, told her I needed to go, and promptly excused myself as quickly as possible without causing a scene. I just needed to get out of there.

I felt that I had been fooled and that she had played me. However, she later explained, by text the next day, that she identified 100% as a woman even though she was "misshapen", as she put it. She told me that it hurt her that I had left.

This seems like a normal reaction on your part. She should have told you this before, much before. It would have saved her being hurt. I would have been shocked and probably left too if, when I sat my SO's lap for the first time, nothing was there.

What's up with you and vegans, though (I'm not a vegan)? Vegans are cool. :)


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Re: Crazy Encounte

I'm actually really surprised she didn't mention it prior to taking you to her place. Most of my transgender friends are normally more cautious than that, because of how violent cisgender men can be if they've "been fooled." I really hope she's more careful in the future.